These Are The Only Two States Without An Arby's Location

Arby's may not be as well-known in the fast food realm as giants like McDonald's, but the roast beef-slinging chain has certainly cemented their spot in the world of drive-thru windows. Opening its first shop in 1964, per the Arby's website, the fast food eatery has since expanded to nine countries and over 3,500 locations. It even earned the number two spot on Franchise Chatter's list of "best sandwich franchises," only coming in second to, you guessed it, Subway.

But despite the fact that 3,380 of the Arby's locations out there are in the United States, you're only guaranteed to satisfy your craving for a juicy roast beef sandwich and crispy, golden curly fries in the U.S. 96 percent of the time (via ScrapeHero). 

That's no made up number. Even with Arby's impressive roster of restaurants, Thrillist reported that there are still two of the country's 50 states that do not feature the Georgia-based eatery.

You're out of luck if you're craving Arby's at these East Coast locations

West Coasters, you can relax, as Thrillist notes the only two states lacking Arby's restaurants are located on the eastern seaboard of the United States — Rhode Island and Vermont, to be exact. There doesn't seem to be a reason why New Englanders living in these two states the lack the chance to acquire Beef 'n Cheddars, though one Reddit user has a theory. The Redditor noted that Rhode Island "likes its 'own little traditions'," serving up roast beef sandwiches at a statewide chain called Walt's Roast Beef instead (which, by the way, predates Arby's by nearly 10 years). 

If you live in Rhode Island and Vermont and are feeling a little left out, don't feel too bad. ScrapeHero found those dwelling in Washington, D.C. don't have an Arby's location to get their fix at, either. And if upon learning this, you now find that it's your life's mission to bring "the meats" to these areas of the country, and you happen to have a couple hundred thousand dollars lying around, maybe you can try your hand at opening an Arby's franchise.