Here's Why Kugel Is Associated With Passover

The Jewish holiday Passover is here. As explained by Mental Floss, this is an important time for Jews to reflect on their history with their families. They talk about their ancestors being freed from slavery in Egypt. The celebration is accompanied by certain dietary changes for around a week. An interesting tradition that is unique to Passover is ensuring that no leavened food items are inside the house. 

The symbolism attached to this tradition is very meaningful. Back when Jews had to flee Egypt, they got out as quickly as they could, which is why they didn't get the chance "to leaven their bread." One of the most popular food items eaten during Passover is the kugel. Kugels are basically baked casseroles made with either noodles or potatoes (via My Recipes). As Redditors explained, kugels vary from family to family. Some prefer to prepare a sweet dish that might use fruit juice while others go down a savory route. So how did a meal steeped in family traditions also become part of Passover specifically?

Why kugels work well for Passover

As explained by My Recipes, dishes often need to be made in advance for holidays or the Sabbath. Kugels can be extremely convenient because they can be prepared a few days before the feast, frozen, and served without much fuss. The casseroles can contain many ingredients including cheese, spices, onion, and herbs. Potato kugels are especially much-loved and you can expect to find vegetables such as zucchini and broccoli

Quora users have previously discussed what it's like to prepare kugels for Passover. One user wrote, "There are many types of kugel, and some are not kosher Passover, and some might be with some changes. Potato kugel is a family [favorite] and we can eat it year round." They added that the original noodle kugel is not suitable for Passover but you can tweak the recipe and use kosher noodles if you'd like to include it in a meal. Another commenter simplified it further and wrote, "Kugel just means 'pudding' – to say 'kugel' is something like saying 'casserole'. A kugel can have almost anything in it." What a versatile meal, huh?