Here's How To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath

Garlic can seem to magically transform the flavor of vegetables, meats, pasta, and bread, but it definitely comes at a cost. If you are someone who loves to use a lot of garlic in your cooking, then you know what's it's like to worry about bad breath after enjoying a scrumptious meal. No one wants to feel like they have to keep their distance or a tight lip just to prevent others from complaining about your garlic breath. Fortunately, there are a few remedies that can help you get rid of garlic breath pretty quickly. 

According to Science World Report, eating raw apples is one of the best ways to get rid of bad breath from eating garlic. Some forms of cooked garlic, such as roasted garlic, are considered "milder" and "sweeter" than raw garlic (via Sicilian Girl). But luckily, the study in Science World Report tested raw garlic. That means raw apples should really help with almost any kind of garlic you've added into your recipe.

Other remedies for garlic breath

If you are not a fan of apples or need another way to get rid of garlic breath, there are some other remedies you can try. However, they might not be quite as effective as eating raw apples. According to Healthline, other fresh produce, like raw spinach and mint, can have a similar effect as raw apples. Swishing and spitting out food-grade essential oils like peppermint or rosemary might also help eliminate garlic breath, but Healthline notes these strong oils must be mixed with a carrier oil, like olive or coconut oil.

Healthline also suggests flossing and brushing your teeth after you've eaten a garlicky meal. If that doesn't get rid of all of the garlic smell and flavor, you can also try using a tongue scrape. Tongue scrapes or brushes will help scrub away any garlic odors that are clinging to your tongue. Finally, you can always resort to chewing gum, though it is worth noting that spearmint seems to work better than peppermint, per Healthline. So don't let garlic breath hold you back from ordering or cooking what you want. These remedies just might be the trick.