The Food Rule Chopped's Geoffrey Zakarian Never Breaks

Celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian is a major source of inspiration for his fans. The veteran chef has been around for around three decades, motivating others in the industry. As per his website, the chef juggled several roles in the beginning of his career, working in places like Le Cirque, 21 Club, The Dorchester, Patroon, and more before achieving fame as an accomplished chef. Zakarian is also an entrepreneur and is known for his Michelin-starred eatery, Country, coupled with other popular restaurants such as The Lambs Club, The Point Royal, and The National. 

Zakarian is quite generous with cooking advice and has some useful tips for those looking to do better in the kitchen. As per Bottom Line Inc, Zakarian advises everyone to spend some time prepping before starting the cooking process. Simply knowing where everything is and having all of your tools and ingredients in one place can make your job a lot easier. Zakarian also advises his fans to heat a pan slightly before using it for the best results. Makes sense.

He avoids munching on food at night

When Zakarian was asked about his most preferred late-night snack, he said that he doesn't quite like the idea of eating that late (via the Food Network). "Don't eat late night. Ever," he declared. This makes sense because the chef is devoted to fitness and makes it a point to stay healthy. As per Today, Zakarian is so serious about his fitness regime that he even discovered alternative ways to stay fit during quarantine. 

Zakarian gave his fans a sneak peek into his fitness routine last year, demonstrating a tough exercise that he finished easily. "People asked me what I did to stay fit during Covid," He wrote on Twitter. "I found a swing set and just hung around... literally!" Pretty cool, huh?

As per Livestrong, Zakarian also avoids skipping meals and leads a disciplined life, incorporating healthy options such as nuts, lean chicken, fish, oats, vegetables, and more into his diet. He's also a fan of whole foods as opposed to processed foods, and is disciplined about staying hydrated every day. Such an inspiration!