Everything You Need To Know About Pizza Hut's New 'Hut Lanes'

If you love grabbing a meal from your local pizzeria, finding the best ways to go about this pickup have proved more difficult than usual over the past year. Thanks to the pandemic, many restaurants embraced drive-throughs and contactless food delivery to keep their doors open, and this measure allowed certain restaurants to thrive (via CNBC). This style of food service guarantees to stick around well past any COVID-19 measures and should influence the way we approach eating out for some time to come. For those of us who have always wished we could grab some pizza via drive through, Pizza Hut has a solution to this issue that should please anyone craving a pie or three.

According to Restaurant Business, Pizza Hut plans to open up signature "Hut Lanes" at locations nationwide. These pickup lanes should appear at 1,500 different restaurants across America and function similarly to the pick-up lanes at Chipotle. Diners simply need to digitally order their meal through the Pizza Hut app or website, and then can pick up their order at the window. Those of us who still love ordering over the phone still have the option to call-in orders, but can also take advantage of this new way to receive pizzas.

A quick way to grab a pizza

If Pizza Hut follows through, they stand to make history as the first pizza chain to ever implement a drive-through into their business model (via Restaurant Business). This game-changing upgrade lets them potentially collect more profits and puts them in a better standing when competing against fast food giants like Wendy's or McDonald's that rely on drive-through orders to bolster business. Pizza Hut, which currently maintains 6,500 locations, may expand this feature to more of their businesses if the initial rollout proves successful.

Only time can tell if this new ordering model helps Americans get some extra Pizza Hut in their life. For now, we have to cross our fingers and hope a few locations in our area get the "Hut Lane" to better serve our pizza needs and help efficiently get us through the pick-up process quicker. With some luck, this upgrade could revolutionize the entire business model and forever change the way we approach getting pizza.