The Popular Fast Food Anthony Bourdain Refused To Eat Again

What popular fast food did Anthony Bourdain refuse to eat again? The late chef's name is synonymous with cookbooks, memoirs, and several food-centric travel shows, as noted by CNBC. The man not only had recipes featured by Food52, but also lauded a bodega sandwich which he recommends serving with "sh*tty coffee." So it's pretty hard to believe there's a food someone that counts bodega sandwiches as cookbook-worthy wouldn't eat in the casual food space. The famous chef and TV personality was known for traversing around the world on various shows, eating both in fancy restaurants and on streets where bugs can be found as a delicacy. 

Even so, when it comes to certain foods, specifically fast food, there were some lines Bourdain wouldn't cross. So what food ranks below sh*tty bodega coffee and possibly even bugs on Bourdain's gross out meter? Well, he mentioned to WebMD that he actually avoids fast food, pretty much whenever humanly possible, though he does have a least favorite food in this cuisine.

Bourdain hated this fast food

There are some fast food locales that Bourdain would frequent, like Popeyes; he shared with People that he was a regular at the restaurant, praising their "mac and cheese" and calling the meal his "disgusting, shameful pleasure." But on the whole, Bourdain wasn't a fast food fan, and as for the worst, score one against Ronald McDonald. Bourdain declared that the fast food he refused to eat again was McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. According to The AV Club, Bourdain revealed that not only are they just not appealing to him, but he also counted them among the most disgusting foods out there, with some of the reasoning being he wasn't even sure what they're made of. Bourdain wasn't 100 percent sure how they're made, either.

So if you're working through Bourdain's recipe repertoire, take note. And if you're trying to follow in his footsteps, you may want to avoid McDonald's and their chicken nuggets for the foreseeable future — at least until those "scientists" Bourdain mentioned have solved the mystery of their ingredients.