Fast Food Special Sauces We'll Sadly Never Eat Again

There are certain flavors that bring us right back to the first time we tasted them. A little bite of nostalgia is always welcomed, but we've had to say a final goodbye to far too many fast food signature sauces. Some notorious fast-food restaurant sauces were so beloved that they even gained a bit of cult following. Taco Bell fans were so heartbroken when Baja sauce left the menu that they had to rely on copycat recipes on sites like Food. (Most use a combination of mayonnaise, sour cream, Mexican seasoning, jalapeno, garlic, cilantro, and fresh lime juice to achieve the glorious taste.)

Burger King has had their fair share of legendary sauces as well. Both roasted jalapeño BBQ and Kung Pao sauce unfortunately will never touch our BK fries again (via Vocal). The dedicated Wendy's patrons are sure to miss the ghost pepper sauce that burned their tongues with spice while amping up a plate of fries, and KFC regulars sadly dunk their chicken in ranch as opposed to the once-popular bacon ranch.

Cherish your favorite fast food sauces in case they disappear

For Jack in the Box fans on the West Coast, the onion mayo sauce likely still visits their dreams. The franchise is known for being a smorgasbord of cuisines, with a menu including burgers, tacos, and even egg rolls. Their "munchie meals," which are sure to put you right into a food coma, just aren't the same without that zesty, mayo-based sauce. Mustard lovers still fantasize about McDonald's hot mustard that disappeared from the chain in 2015, according to Delish, along with a handful of other discontinued Mickey D's sauces like sweet chili sauce and chipotle BBQ.

One thing fast food aficionados have discovered over the years: Ask and you might receive. When the community speaks, there is a chance some restaurant chains will deliver. Various restaurants have caved after heavy media attention alerted them to how much their fans love the sauces they're being deprived of. McDonald's, for example, brought back their Szechuan sauce after an episode of Rick and Morty heavily featured the forgotten sauce. A petition was even created on Change with 45,058 supporters demanding the sauce be brought back. While fans claim it didn't have the same flavors it did in the late 1990s, there was still a sense of victory seeing that sauce back on the menu.