Here's What Jeff Mauro Credits With His Weight Loss

Jeff Mauro is a hard-working chef who got noticed for his extraordinary skills on Food Network Star, where he managed to beat a bunch of talented contestants and stand out due to his culinary prowess. As per Food Network, the celebrity chef spent a lot of time and energy focusing on sandwiches and perfecting his recipes on the show, something that added to his unique persona onscreen. 

What also helped was the fact that Mauro has a terrific sense of humor. His persistence and faith paid off and he won top honors on Food Network Star. After the big victory, Mauro was rewarded with the opportunity to work on his own show, aptly titled Sandwich King. It was a massive hit among fans who loved watching Mauro light up the screen with his easygoing personality. 

While Mauro was embracing everything that came his way in terms of work, he also chose to focus on becoming healthier and taking care of himself. That makes sense, considering the fact that his job requires him to sample lots of food. To that end, Mauro was determined to make his well-being a priority (via Facebook). The best part? Mauro's health journey was gradual and not sudden or unnerving.

Mauro took things slow

As Mauro shared on Facebook, he decided to adopt the slow and steady approach to his weight loss journey. The chef's transformation was gradual, and he used a combination of dieting and exercise to shed the excess weight. Mauro focused on experimenting with different exercise routines such as CrossFit, SoulCycle, pilates, and more. 

Mauro opened up about his weight loss to fans in 2016 on Facebook, something he's usually fairly private about. "Normally, I'm not this showy of my dadbod, but I am proud of my fitness journey," he revealed. Mauro added that he was super grateful to his coaches for pushing him. 

Additionally, Mauro's love for cross remains unparalleled. "My cousin encouraged me to try CrossFit, and I was hooked instantly," he explained in a chat with the Food Network. "You never do the same workout circuit twice. Once you break past the wall of it being scary, you learn the fundamental movements and really get into it." What a star!