What Courtney Lapresi Regrets About MasterChef

For competing cooks and chefs on important reality culinary shows like Gordon Ramsay's MasterChef, there's bound to be a few regrets once the lights are dimmed and the cameras stop rolling. For most, it might consist of holding back on the salt or letting a certain dish bake a little longer in the oven. However, for MasterChef season five winner Courtney Lapresi, the regret isn't in the ingredients or the techniques used, but rather in her own reflection as a woman competitor with a different background than most.

Having never attended culinary school or worked her way up in the restaurant industry, Lapresi previously worked as an aerial dancer at a nightclub in Atlantic City, and before that as an exotic dancer to help pay for her college tuition at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. While most might think Lapresi steers clear from her past endeavors, in a Instagram post Lapresi states her biggest regret was not speaking enough about it under such a massive spotlight.

Courtney Lapresi regrets not completely owning her background while on the show

According to the post, Lapresi responded to a fan that mentioned how upon re-watching season five of MasterChef, it was evident Lapresi was heavily targeted for her femininity and background. Poised and composed, Lapresi agreed writing, "What's even worse is that I was made to feel embarrassed for things I was so proud of. I wish I had used the platform to share how incredible club experience was."

However, she ultimately had the last laugh because she beat the tough competition and walked away with the grand prize of $250,000 (via New York Daily News). She's also written her own cookbook and was even given her very own day in Geneva, N.Y., courtesy of the mayor (via Finger Lakes Times). By inspiring thousands of viewers across the world with her dedication and confidence, Lapresi has helped pave the way for future passionate cooks with different backgrounds.