Why You Should Think Twice About Getting Beans At A Mexican Restaurant

Mexican food is undeniably delicious. Whether you are a fan of tacos or prefer to dig into a well-garnished burrito with plenty of toppings, meat, veggies, and cheese, you are likely to find something that appeals to your tastebuds and leaves you craving more. One of the most used ingredients in the cuisine? Beans, of course! 

According to the Food Network, beans can be really healthy for you and help you feel satiated after a meal. They are a good source of fiber, too. You will often find them in Mexican dishes like burritos and tacos. Per Better Homes & Gardens, Mexican dishes incorporate different types of beans, including pinto beans and dried black beans. You can experiment with refried beans, or prepare a delectable batch of enchiladas with beans. Bonus points if you prepare everything at home with fresh ingredients. 

However, if you decide to treat yourself and dine at a Mexican restaurant, you might want to be careful. Here's why.

Beans could impact your health

Beans at Mexican restaurants have been linked to food poisoning in the past. Here's one example: In 2018, a Chipotle outlet had to shut its doors after an overwhelming number of diners fell sick and experienced distressing symptoms like nausea, fever, and diarrhea. According to Business Insider, 170 customers reported that they felt unwell after eating at the restaurant.

Health officials got to work in a bid to pinpoint what could have caused the outbreak. Well, the restaurant later revealed that the CDC investigated and zeroed down on the cause — a type of bacteria that is often found in beans. The clostridium perfringens bacteria usually develops when food is handled at "unsafe temperatures." This particular Chipotle outlet was blamed for not being cautious and ensuring that the beans were stored at the right temperatures.

Sigh. Sounds like it's best to avoid dishes with beans if you are being extra cautious about your health while eating at your favorite Mexican eatery, huh?