Doritos Roulette Is Finally Returning. Here's What You Need To Know

When you're looking for a satisfying snack to satiate your taste buds, few things in the world compare to a pack of Doritos chips. According to Thrillist, there's actually a scientific reason Doritos are so endlessly craveable. As one food scientist told the publication, when you eat Doritos, you're not going to feel full by eating a handful of these chips because fatty food items tend to "melt in your mouth" and trick your brain into thinking you're not done eating yet. Also, it has quite a bit of MSG and that really helps the product's flavor profile. While you generally shouldn't mess with perfection, whenever a new Doritos flavor drops, it gets our attention.

Die-hard Doritos fans will recall that the brand released a special limited edition item called Doritos Roulette back in 2015 (via Prepared Foods). Well, guess what? According to Delish, packs of Doritos Roulette are coming back to stores this month, which means that fans will get another chance to dig into these special chips that are known for being extra fun (and extra spicy) to eat.

What to expect in a bag of Doritos Roulette

As reported by Delish, fans can expect to be able to buy bags of Doritos Roulette chips starting April 12. They'll be up for grabs for $3 each and will be stocked at Walmart stores across the country. Never heard of Doritos Roulette? While you'll find yourself digging into a bag of mostly Nacho Cheese flavor chips, you'll occasionally come across extra spicy chips in each bag as well. That is the fun part: just like Roulette, you're not sure what to expect next from each handful. What a treat! It's still unclear whether Doritos is bringing backs these chips for good. But hey, a comeback is still a comeback, right?

According to a press release by PepsiCo, Doritos managed to make quite a splash when it first released the product in Mexico and other international regions. It decided to bring the product to the U.S. in 2015. Interestingly, all chips in the bags have always looked the same, making it impossible for fans to identify when they'll bite into an extra spicy chip. Sounds like a game of salty, spicy chance.