The Store-Bought Potato Chip Hack Bobby Flay Swears By

There's a lot to love about homemade potato chips. They can be seasoned as much or as little as you prefer, and they often have a heartier crunch and snap than other chips. However, actually making homemade potato chips isn't something most people want to do any time soon — not even Bobby Flay. That's why so many people would rather just skip it and wait until they can order some as a side from a restaurant.

They're not wrong either. Making fried potato chips can be scary due to the hot oil even if it is a lower temperature, such as in Bon Appétit's recipe. Plus, frying them up calls for using a lot of oil that you might end up tossing when you're done. However, Flay has a super easy hack for making store-bought potato chips taste just like the delicious homemade chips you know and love. All you need to do is check into your favorite seasoning blend.

Bobby Flay seasons the chips well and bakes them

All Flay does to dress up store-bought unsalted kettle chips is season them and bake them off. He told Parade, "I love homemade potato chips as much as the next person. But while I make them in my restaurants often, I rarely do at home. Who wants to deal with all the mess?" That's when he revealed his amazing hack for getting the same effect without the same effort.

According to Parade, Flay simply bakes the chips in a 350-degree oven for about five minutes. It's just long enough to warm the chips up and crisp them slightly too. Then when he takes them out of the oven, he dusts them with a seasoning blend while they're warm enough for the blend to stick to the chips. He likes to use a combination of garlic powder, chile powder, dry mustard, and salt. However, you could use any seasoning blend you like. So give it a try. You just might be surprised by how easy the alternative is.