The Real Reason You Should Stay Away From The Gravy At Whataburger

Fast food chain Whataburger is a popular restaurant chain that's earned a loyal fan following over the years. According to the San Antonio Current, the brand's first restaurant was opened way back in 1950 — and it's only grown bigger and better since then. In fact, it's believed that these days, you can choose to have a custom Whataburger in a variety of ways; seriously, you're looking at as many as 36,864 options to customize your burger. Whoa! How cool is that?

Additionally, there are plenty of delicious options to try at Whataburger, which means that you'll never feel restricted in terms of flavors. As per Delish, some of the best menu options to order at Whataburger include the Whatachicken Bites, the Whatachicken Sandwich, the Hatch Green Chile Burger, the Patty Melt, and the Sweet & Spicy Bacon Burger among others. 

However, as always, some menu items are best avoided. For example, you shouldn't order the biscuits and gravy at Whataburger for the sake of your health. 

Why should you avoid this option?

The issue with ordering any food item with gravy at Whataburger is simple: you may not get a fresh meal. Gulp. The fast food chain doesn't have a great reputation for its gravy thanks to the fact that it reportedly isn't always served fresh. A Redditor gave more insights on this topic when they wrote, "I currently work at Whataburger and I would never order the chicken gravy. It has an expiration of 8 hours." Uh-oh.

The Redditor added that if the gravy isn't finished in less than eight hours, staff members will simply let it sit there until it's time to serve. And remember this: gravy that's been lying around for too long will be brown and weird to look at, as opposed to its original, rich creamy color. That doesn'tsound very encouraging now, does it? Best to stick to a safe option like the Whatachicken Sandwich instead!