More Than 25% Of People Agree This Chain Restaurant Has The Worst Drink Menu

Selecting the right beverage off the menu can often make a meal much better, if not the dining experience as a whole. Whether you're someone who likes to sip on a frothy milkshake with a side of fries or prefers to order a cocktail with your steak, it's likely that you have your fair share of drink preferences when it comes to eating out at restaurants. Of course, you can expect plenty of variety no matter where you end up going for a meal as most major causal dining outlets, such as TGI Friday's, Applebee's, and Chili's, offer a plethora of beverages to their customers.

For example, at Applebee's you can choose from quite a few classic cocktails that are offered at wallet-friendly prices. In fact, in 2018, Vice reported that the brand went ahead with a promotion that offered Long Island iced teas for just $1. Meanwhile, at Buffalo Wild Wings, customers can choose from an extensive list of  beer, wine, and even cocktails.

Although everyone has their favorites, you most likely have a place in mind where you're unimpressed with the drinks menu. We at Mashed were curious about the latter, and decided to do some digging on which popular outlets customers prefer the least when it comes to ordering drinks with their meals.

Applebee's doesn't score well when it comes to restaurant drink menus

According to a survey conducted by Mashed that included 655 participants, Applebee's doesn't have an impressive drinks menu. Nearly 28 percent of respondents believe that the chain needs to step up its game. Meanwhile, 23.36 percent of the participants felt that Buffalo Wild Wings needs to improve its selection of drinks. The other options were fairly close to each other with 17.86 percent of the participants choosing Texas Roadhouse and 16.18 percent of the respondents opting for TGI Friday's. Chili's, meanwhile, received just under 15 percent of votes.

Applebee's has been trying to rework its menu this year, and Delish reported back in March that the brand introduced two new cocktails: the Tipsy Shark and the Strawberry Daq-A-Rita. But aside from variety and low prices, Applebee's (like many of its competitors) doesn't quite excel in the nutrition department. One Redditor pointed out that Applebee's has very little to offer in terms of healthy beverages. They explained, "I usually order water if I'm at Applebee's; it's not like I'm making other healthy choices that night, so I've gotta do one!"