Robert Irvine Reveals The Weirdest Item In His Fridge

In the world of culinary television, food can get really weird really fast. Take Chopped for instance; they've put pretty much everything you could think of into the mystery baskets — including strange ingredients like shad roe sack, mashed potato candy, goat brains, and stinky tofu, to name a few (via Food Network). So it stands to reason that those who often appear on cooking shows like this would probably have some eclectic foods in their pantries as well, right?

Robert Irvine is no exception. According to the bio on his website, the chef, best known for his role on Restaurant: Impossible, "has also hosted or appeared on Food Network's Worst Cooks in America, Next Iron Chef, Restaurant Express, Chopped: Impossible, Guy's Grocery Games: Impossible, A Hero's Welcome, [and] Food Network Star... among others." Anyone with a resume like that likely has seen his fair share of weird, but the oddest item in Irvine's fridge may not be all that odd to some.

Weird, but healthy

Irvine told the Food Network that his weirdest fridge item is grapeseed oil — and it isn't just weird because it's in his fridge, which Irvine says is due to its need to be kept in a cool place for preservation. As Healthline notes, grapeseed oil has "been growing in popularity over the past few decades," but if you're unfamiliar with the oil and its benefits, you're probably not alone. It's said to have all sorts of nutrients, including, as Irvine pointed out, "Omega-3 fatty acids."

According to Martha Stewart, it makes sense that Irvine would gravitate towards to a less common oil option. The magazine points out that grapeseed oil is incredibly versatile due to its "uncomplicated, clean flavor," and "relatively high smoke point," allowing food to crisp up without worry of burning. So it turns out the fan favorite food personality has a great, slightly weird ingredient in his fridge — one that others who cook often may want to adopt as well.