This Is The Proper Way To Store Jalapeños

The most popular chili pepper in the U.S., according to MasterClass, jalapeños clock in at between 2,500 and 8,000 Scoville units (a medium spice, for those unfamiliar with the scale), and come in two colors. The dark green variety carries less spice (they're actually not fully ripe!) and are the more common of the two; while the red peppers, which are fully ripened, have a bit more of a bite to them. Jalapeños are super versatile and chock full of flavor, keeping them on hand to spice up a variety of dishes (like guacamole or a cheese-filled appetizer) can be considered a must for any home kitchen.

But storing jalapeños to keep them as fresh as possible can be a bit of a mystery. While some people may refrigerate the peppers, others simply plop them on the counter and leave them out for a few days. Others, still, swear by freezing the pepper to get the best results. Well, we have some good news. According to The Spruce Eats, there is more than one way to store a jalapeño, and the best way to do so is totally dependent on when you're going to use them.

There are many ways to store jalapeños

If you're planning to use them semi-quickly, The Spruce Eats notes that storing fresh jalapeños in a paper bag or wrapped in paper towels in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator will allow them to stay good for up to a week.

Need a bit more time? No problem. The outlet explains that an airtight container or plastic bag can be used to keep these versatile fruits (yes, peppers are technically fruit, says Business Insider) fresh in the freezer. One helpful tip: Try chopping them up before freezing, so they can be used right away when you need them. Properly stored in the freezer, jalapeños will stay good for up to three months.

Another genius storage tip, you can take your jalapeño flavor up a notch by keeping the peppers whole and pre-roasting them before freezing. The Spruce Eats says you can then use the roasted peppers for easy weeknight meals when you're in a hurry.