Try This Martha Stewart Tip For A Dramatic Cocktail Reveal

Cocktail time is the best part of the day. Well, after breakfast, second breakfast, brunch, and midnight snack. There's nothing like having friends over for drinks. It's when everybody comes together to drink a cocktail or two and forget about the worries of the world. It's the cocktail hour that presents entirely new magic at the end of the day.

Our fave Martha Stewart comes to the rescue with her tips to create the most dramatic cocktail reveals. We love how useful these tips are – you can incorporate them into your favorite recipes with minimal effort. Palomas? Old Fashioneds? Hurricanes? Or any of the other popular cocktails we loved to drink during quarantine? The presentation points will multiply by a hundred, we promise.

Serving cocktails in a glass with a salted rim is a quick way to impress even the snobbiest of cocktail connoisseurs, Martha says. The icon suggests grating lemon zest into the salt mixture – or even using a chili-flavored salt to give your 'tail a 'lil kick (via Martha Stewart).

Cocktails, but make it ombre

A spectacular method of cocktail prep is to use different mixers for dramatic effect. The next time you pick up that cocktail shaker to make a citrusy drink like Orange Blossom (via Mix That Drink) or Screwdriver, think about the ways you can bring the presentation to another level. Stewart recommends using citrus juices like lemon or lime as the flavor profile offers a satisfying sour dimension to drinks.

Once you commit to juice, think about the color it brings to the finished product. Orange juice can bring a fireside-like ember look to a drink while pomegranate provides a seductive red flush. You can try also a splash of grapefruit juice – Stewart reaches for pink grapefruit juice, as the color brings a bright punch of color to the beverage (via Martha Stewart).

Use the presentation tips on fruity drinks like the Red Death (via Mix That Drink) very well, or one of the various classic cocktail recipes every home bartender should know how to make.