The Uber Eats App Is Getting A Helpful Social Media Makeover

When we have run out of energy to cook and crave a quick bite, many of us turn to delivery apps like DoorDash, Postmates, and Uber Eats. According to Business of Apps, Uber Eats not only ranks as the number one choice for food delivery internationally, but it has continued to grow over the past year, pulling in $4.8 billion in revenue over the course of 2020. With a business this big, the company's app and website need to stay ahead of the game and offer the easiest customer experience possible as we order from a myriad of listed restaurants and eateries. Luckily, the company plans to revamp its app with a few tweaks to make delivery seemingly even more effortless.

According to Restaurant Business, Uber Eats has taken inspiration from social media for their latest app update, integrating Instagram directly into the app, so restaurants can share pictures of the latest menu items and updates. Through the integration, customers can scroll through the feed and check out meal specials, all without ever leaving Uber Eats. The second aspect of the change includes a new add-in called Merchant's Stories, allowing restaurants to post photos, menus, and more that appear in the feeds of users on the app. Uber Eats users have the option to follow restaurants and can check out stories for up to seven days.

Innovators in the new age of food delivery

Uber Eats has always played it smart, updating its users' experience whenever necessary. The last upgrade to the app happened back in October 2020, when the app gained a handful of new features, like the ability to group order with a single cart, discovering new restaurants without the need to scroll, and the creation of a favorite restaurant list to make ordering easier (via Uber Eats). This recent update expands on all of these great features, fully integrating the delivery service into our way of life.

This latest social media integration is betting on the idea that, when it comes to food, we're all really visual. In fact, Uber Eats research shows that when customers get to click through restaurants' stories, 13 percent made an order right after (via Nation's Restaurant News).

If you count yourself as a foodie who loves to show off your meals to friends, this change has your name all over it. With any luck, we can keep getting our food delivered just the way we like it, and might even discover a few local culinary gems that we have never explored before.