Aldi Shoppers Can't Get Enough Of These Zesty Seasoning Blends

When you need to spice up your summer, Aldi has just the ticket. According to Reader's Digest, Aldi sells a variety of spices that not only hold their own against any other products from competitors, but clock in at a much lower price. When you want a great value for quality products, Aldi's spice blends can take your meals to new flavor destinations we could only dream of. The brand has truly outdone themself with their latest offerings, perfect for any occasion. Instagrammer @aldifavoritefinds discovered Aldi's new Nashville Hot Chicken Seasoning, Umami Seasoning, and Elote Seasoning on their latest grocery run. 

They posted a picture of the find, alongside the caption, "Most weeks the hot items are candles or plants but this week I think these seasonings will be gone in a snap! I almost missed them on the shelf tonight because I wasn't expecting to see them until tomorrow and there were only a few bottles left. I hope they just put out one box tonight and have more hiding in the back! Can you guess which one came home with me?" Followers couldn't get enough of these latest flavor blends. The post has so far garnered over 4,700 likes and a variety of glowing replies, like, "May have to go to Aldi" and "We need the elote one!"

An Aldi spice for any occasion

Spice fans on the other side of Instagram got separately treated to the same selection of seasonings from @aldi.mademedoit. The Instagrammer couldn't believe their luck, claiming, "I jumped up and down when I noticed these babies on the shelf. I grabbed one of each and can't wait to try them!!!" Their post, featuring the three new spices, has scored over 700 likes and a variety of excited replies, ranging from, "YESSSS I LOVE THE TJ'S MUSHROOM SEASONING but TJ's is 2 hours away I hope this competes!" all the way to "I got the Nashville hot chicken and umami, prolly will do wings and Mushroom burgers."

With a spice selection this tempting, it's hard to not get excited to cook. With three flavor sensations easily at our fingertips, Aldi has once again demonstrated their prowess at delivering ingredients we can't live without. With any luck, these seasonings catch on and enter the constant rotation of goods. Make sure to show your love to these new products when you can and give all three spices a taste.