Chopped Fans Can't Stand This Martha Stewart And Geoffrey Zakarian Habit

Just when you thought you have seen it all, Chopped took things to the next level and brought us a new season hosted by lifestyle maverick Martha Stewart. According to Boston Globe, the season features a five-episode run where 16 chefs compete for $50,000. Filmed at a luxury resort in Maine, the season brings back the standards that define the series, including mystery baskets, while pitting contestants against a variety of new challenges, like having to manage cooking outdoors and switching cooking stations.

The season, which premiered on April 13, has not won everyone over. Some fans can't stand a skill that Martha Stewart and Geoffrey Zakarian show off in the episode — eating with chopsticks. Astute Redditors over at r/foodnetwork couldn't get over the fact that both personalities would break out their chopsticks at any opportunity. One commenter believes that Zakarian took to the chopsticks from Stewart, writing "I binged/rewatched every episode while pregnant during quarantine. So I made sure to look out for this. He definitely stole the chopsticks method from Martha at least in terms of judging on Chopped. Pre-Martha judging, he only used chopsticks for Asian dishes. Then Martha started her judging stint and he gradually started using them too. Once she left he started using them all the time."

A move that has annoyed Chopped fans

Geoffrey Zakarian took things to another level by trying to eat a taco with chopsticks. Another Redditor observed "On an episode last night, he literally picked at the filling of a taco with his chopsticks. I don't buy for a minute that it's so he can try each individual aspect. Some food was clearly meant to be picked up and eaten all at once, which I have never seen him do." Others came to his defense, with one comment claiming that metal eating utensils can influence the taste, so that's perhaps the reason he stuck with using chopsticks. 

While this eating habit annoyed many, we can only wait and see if both judges continue to enjoy their food with chopsticks. If you haven't decided where you fall on this debate, make sure to tune into Chopped this season and share your take on the situation.