Why You Should Think Twice Before Eating A Samosa

A popular snack found in Indian cuisine, the samosa is a deep fried mixture of deliciousness, filled with ingredients like potatoes, meat, a spice mix, and peas among others. According to Quartz India, this snack is also popular elsewhere in the world and has even been embraced in places such as Kazakhstan, the Middle East, Pakistan and more. It's a super versatile snack, which means that you're free to experiment with your choice of fillings based on your preferences. You could even go with a sweet twist if you're feeling adventurous. 

The only problem? Samosas, though delicious, can be full of hidden calories. Plus, the fact that samosas are a fried dish doesn't make them any healthier. Just biting into two samosas can gobble up a significant chunk of your calorie requirements for one day: you'll have to consider the fact that you'll be looking at around 300 calories for one samosa. Gulp.

Samosas aren't exactly healthy

First things first: not all samosas are created equal, and you have to consider a few things such as how they were made and what kind of ingredients were used to prepare the snacks. As per Livestrong, some samosas can be made using an incredible amount of oil or butter, rendering them painfully high in saturated fat levels as well as cholesterol. You also may also be consuming far more sodium than you realize when you eat samosas. The bottom line is that you've got to be very careful while feasting on these delicious snacks. Unfortunately. 

However, you can enjoy a healthier version of samosas once in awhile by baking them at home and preparing them from scratch. A Reddit user wrote about turning to keto samosas to keep their cravings in check. Their recipe included alternatives such as almond flour instead of regular flour, combined with ingredients like mozzarella cheese, minced meat, spices, onions, and more. Yum!