The Real Difference Between Qdoba And Chipotle

Since the dawn of time, people have always felt strongly about food. If one searches long enough, you will be able to find people whom are resolutely and staunchly passionate about things like Chick-fil-A. Now with the pop culture debates like the chicken sandwich wars, that debate is further deepened. It is no surprise that restaurants and fast service establishments like Chipotle all have dedicated and loyal followers, who claim that their favorite place reigns supreme. 

A simple web search could render you articles that pit Chipotle against places like Qdoba just like Spoon University's blind taste test. In the report, the publication compared both popular Mexican food restaurants to find out if there was truly a difference between the two in an effort to determine which one would reign supreme, despite there being preference of one over the other. But when it comes down to it, what exactly makes Chipotle and Qdoba different?

Despite serving similar dishes, Qdoba is slightly pricier

According to a QSR Magazine report, Qdoba beats out Chipotle by just a smidge when it comes to average pricing of its food. Why? The publication details that while Qdoba does not charge extra for things like queso and guacamole (cue all the Chipotle guacamole memes), on average, most folks don't add it to their meals. Deeper differences between the two fast-casual restaurants lie within their menu offerings. According to Difference Between, the Denver-based chain restaurant offers deeper and more varied menu options for folks when compared to Chipotle. 

The Denver Post also notes how Qdobo isn't trying to be another Chipotle, so their strategy is to offer something that sets them apart from their rival hence their extensive menu offerings. Per Qdoba, you'll find things like an Impossible Fajita bowl, two types of queso, and the ability to create your own entree using any of their 30 quality ingredient options. Difference Between notes that while Qdoba wants to "go big, or go home," Chipotle wants to provide guests with a simpler menu that provides quality over quantity.