Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over Its New Thai Wheat Noodles

Trader Joe's is a great place to find unique grocery items that add a little something special to your weekly shopping routine. They always have interesting items on offer to delight their shoppers, and their new tasty Thai wheat noodles are no different. These Thai wheat noodles are not only delicious, they're also vegan and contain zero sugar, which means they pair perfectly with just about any diet. They're now selling for a steal at just $2.29 per package, so now's the perfect time to stock up on these deliciously convenient noodles for those days when cooking is out of the question. 

The popular Instagram account @traderjoeslist was so excited about these noodles, they made a post raving about the item. "This new item ... would pair unbelievably well with the new Thai green curry sauce and an array of veggies," they wrote in the caption. "Or you can try the recipe provided on the back of the box! What will you pair with these new noods?"

These Thai noodles can be prepared in a number of ways

Trader Joe's fans on Instagram certainly had no shortage of ideas, and they were quick to share their favorite ways of preparing and enjoying the new noodles. "Add these noodles to the miso ginger broth with a bunch of veggies for a delicious soup!" one follower recommended, and another responded: "Omg a cold sesame noodle with tofu!! YEP YEP YEP!!" An additional fan added: "These might be delish with the chicken or ginger dumplings from the frozen aisle," while one more follower shared: "I bet they taste good pan fried."

These versatile noodles pair great with just about anything, and they contain only 310 calories and a satisfying 10 grams of protein per serving, making them a deliciously filling way to complete a wide variety of meals. And if you're in a rush, they can also make a great dish on their own — simply add in your favorite seasonings, heat them up, and enjoy. It seems there is no wrong way to enjoy these noodles, so don't wait to head to your local Trader Joe's to give them a try.