Aldi Shoppers Are Comparing These Fries To McDonald's

Well-made French fries are almost always delicious, but McDonald's Fries elevate the forbidden trinity of starch, fat, and salt to near perfection. Mickey D's famous fries are so delicious because of a multitude of reasons — after all, you don't get to be the biggest player in the fast food business if your best-known side is a limp dud. Copycat recipes do exist to replicate that sweet, savory McDonald's fry taste, but while they're incredibly fun to make, when it comes to time the quickest way to sate that fry desire may still be the nearest McDonald's drive-thru.

But what if you could enjoy McDonald's-style fries in the comfort of your own home quickly, and without extra effort? What if there was a grocery store fry brand that could rightly be compared to the king of all fast food fries? According to some Aldi customers, one of the German retail chain's products may very well be able to deliver on this seemingly impossible concept. Let's take a look at the fries Aldi shoppers are comparing to McDonald's.

Shoppers think Aldi's Season's Choice Extra Crispy Quick Fries might hold their own against McDonald's Fries

On Reddit's Aldi subreddit, a curious user asked the big question about Aldi's Season's Choice Extra Crispy Quick Fries. "Supposedly these taste just like McDonald's fries. Has anyone found these in their local Aldi yet?" 

Some people who have actually tasted the fries think that while they don't quite match McDonald's fare, they can still easily be mentioned in the same sentence. "Not exactly McD's but yes — very good. I made them in conventional oven. Got them a couple weeks ago and this week they had none," one user wrote. "These were excellent. Not exactly like McDonald's but definitely worth the buy," another fan agreed. Additionally, others felt that the Aldi fries might be even better than the McDonald's version. "I had them for the first time last night and they were great," a Redditor opined. "Very close to McDonald's but they didn't have the rancid fryer oil taste."

High praise, indeed. Knowing how high McDonald's fries tend to rank among their peers, it's pretty impressive that many shoppers are ready to put these grocery store fries on the same pedestal. All in all, it seems like it's definitely worth grabbing a bag on your next trip to Aldi