Chrissy Teigen Loves This Classic Pioneer Woman Recipe

Planning weeknight dinners can be tough, especially when they're followed by long work days, running errands, or chasing around the kiddos after school. As two moms with widely successful careers — they're both the creators and faces behind their own respected mega-popular food brands — Chrissy Teigen and The Pioneer Woman have mastered the art of fast, quick, easy-to-make meals. And they even lean on each other for support!

In November 2019, Teigen took to Twitter to give a big shoutout to her friend Ree Drummond while making her famous peach whiskey chicken. "Got some @ThePeachTruck peach jam and remembered how much I love @thepioneerwoman's peach whiskey chicken. Been making this no-fail Sunday night dinner for years and years," she tweeted (via Twitter). Being the professional foodie she is, Teigen documented the whole process on Twitter.

Grateful for the compliment, Drummond retweeted Teigen's recipe videos, but her college-aged daughter had to stop her from posting the original caption. It turns out her mom had added a string of peach and drool face emojis, which wouldn't have gone over too well on social media for all to see (via Twitter). Still doesn't mean The Pioneer Woman's whiskey peach chicken isn't drool-worthy!

What goes with peach whiskey chicken?

Ree Drummond's peach whiskey chicken boasts a lot of flavor, so the sides don't have to be too complicated. Made with butter, whiskey, barbecue sauce, peach preserves, and real peaches, the chicken is saturated in a tangy yet sweet, hearty-like broth (via Food Network). To offset this rainbow of flavors, Drummond recommends pairing the chicken with mashed potatoes sprinkled with chopped green onions and fresh parsley.

Drummond's flavorful peach whiskey chicken has been around since 2011, so it's safe to say it's a Pioneer Woman relic. But, the fact that Teigen is still boasting about it eight years later says a lot about Drummond and her cooking.

If mashed potatoes aren't your fancy, Teigen pairs her peach whiskey chicken with fresh greens (via Twitter). Given its subtle barbecue tang, we bet fries, slaw, or even mac and cheese would be delicious side dishes as well. Or, if you want something that'll serve as a background to the peach and whiskey, rice is always a safe choice, too.