Andrew Zimmern Will Eat Anything, Except These Common Foods

If chef and TV personality Andrew Zimmern will guzzle down grilled udders (via The Travel) without hesitation, he'll eat anything, right? Wrong. While there are only a few exceptions, Zimmern does have some picky eating habits that you wouldn't expect after watching his Travel Channel series Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. In his show, his forte is immersing himself in other cultures and taking in all the flavors they have to offer, without skipping a beat. Zimmern's enthusiasm and fearless attitude are part of what makes the show so entertaining to watch, but even he has some limits to what comes on his plate.

The adventurous chef will happily eat fried tarantulas, but not if they're garnished with a specific nut. Zimmern isn't shy about his hated foods. He openly told People that he steers clear of walnuts, raw cookie dough, and oatmeal. The chef also announced his detested foods on Twitter and followed up by saying, "Anything else, bring it on, I'm hungry." We definitely believe Zimmern, considering the foods we've seen him devour all over the world.

Zimmern will taste anything once

Zimmern may not like these common foods, but don't let that fool you when it comes to his adventurous eating habits. Zimmern will scarf down just about anything. But even on the bizarre end of the spectrum, he has limits. He'll come clean about the dishes he's not too wild about, even on his show, but he'll still manage to take a bite. When in Iceland, Zimmern was faced with a questionable dish that "really stank up the place," according to The Travel

This Icelandic specialty was fermented shark meat, known as hakarl. He survived the bite long enough to exclaim that it was one of the grossest things he had ever eaten. Whereas in Thailand, he couldn't keep it as cool. Zimmern was handed grilled bamboo rat on a skewer. He planned on chowing down until the scent was far too much to handle.

It's a shame the adventurous Zimmern will never truly enjoy a walnut brownie or a spoonful of raw cookie dough, but he can leave that for the rest of us and enjoy his bizarre foods.