What Are Dahi Vadey And What Do They Taste Like?

If you're a fan of unusual snacks, you may want to sit up and take note of this one. An Indian snack that's both sweet and savory, dahi vada or dahi bhalla, also known as dahi vadey, is a yogurt-based dish that's wildly popular for its generous sprinkling of eclectic flavors (via the Times of India).

While no one is quite sure how the dish got so popular, it's believed that this snack probably first made an appearance in 18th century India. At that point, it was allegedly prepared with the help of simple ingredients like spices, yogurt, lentils, and herbs. Dahi vadey remained popular over the years and is a much-loved snack across the country even today, especially in its northern cities and towns.

Pro tip: dahi vadey is an especially scrumptious dish when you're caught in the middle of an unforgiving summer and need something to cool you down. One of the best benefits associated with this dish is the fact that it aids digestion and is a versatile dish that can be prepared in several ways.

Expect a burst of flavors

One of the things that's quite unique about dahi vadey is the fact that this dish expertly blends several flavors at once. As per The Kitchn, the snack typically has fried fritters, spices such as curry powder, chaat masala, ginger-garlic paste, vinegar, and more. Expect a tangy meal that has mildly sour and spicy flavors. This is an especially great dish to try during Ramadan for your iftar meal in the evening. 

As per Rachna's Kitchen, you should try to keep a few things in mind while preparing dahi vadey; for one, it helps to soak the lentils for a few hours before preparing the dish. Additionally, when you're frying the fritters, remember to make sure that you're sticking to the recommended temperature and not overdoing it for the best results.

Curious what to expect from your dahi vadey? A Reddit user described their thoughts in a simple and straightforward manner when they wrote, "Dahi vada is so good, especially on a hot day. Love it!"