The Real Reason Bobby Flay Loves Cats So Much

Who said only dogs could be a man's best friend? In an interview with People, celebrity chef Bobby Flay delves into his lifelong relationship with cats while also touting a brand-new line of feline food called Made By Nacho (available now at Petsmart). The brainchild (or maybe it's braincat?) behind this new venture is none other than Flay's Insta-famous 6-year-old Maine Coon companion, Nacho. Though there's no mention of how his 2-year-old cat daughter Stella may have contributed.

Flay tells the magazine that, growing up, he was an only child and was always surrounded by cats. In fact, he spent so much time hanging around felines that Flay says he actually felt as if they had a hand in raising him. That bond continues to this day, even as fame and fortune have entered his life. "I am in this crazy business," he tells the magazine. "I feel like my cats take the edge off me. They create a soothing environment. Every time I walk in the door, I can't wait to see them. It's a very special relationship that only people that have cats understand."

Here's more about the cat food Bobby Flay has created

The relationship Bobby Flay has with cats naturally made the renowned chef wonder about what he was feeding his furry friends. According to People, the Food Network star worked with his long-time vet and other pet nutritionists to come up with the nutrient-heavy blend in his line of cat food and treats. Delish adds that the protein-packed, natural ingredients include kale, pumpkin, and cranberry, and perhaps one of the most important add-ins, bone broth. As Flay tells the site, bone broth does the same for cats as it does for humans — helps to hydrate the body and is high in protein.

As if treating your cat to the good stuff and helping them live a longer life wasn't enough, Bobby Flay's love for cats (and animals in general) didn't stop there. He has also set up the Made By Nacho Charitable Fund that benefits animal welfare organizations, per Delish. Whether it's a charity, human food, or cat food, Bobby Flay has his paws in just about everything.