How To Tell If You're Over Grilling Shrimp

Grilling perfectly cooked shrimp can be a triumphant moment many aspire to accomplish, whether a home cook or amateur chef. However, that moment can quickly fade upon the realization that the shrimp you have been watching like a hawk has been over grilled. It's okay, it happens, and we've all been there. The truth is that it's a real fine line and it can instantly make or break your dish, thus sending you into a panic — especially if that was your main course.

Not to mention, throwing a few of these affordable and protein packed crustaceans on the barbie can be an intimidating experience. Especially, if it's your first time cooking shrimp because they can go from raw to overcooked in a matter of minutes, according to All Recipes. In order to beautifully cook shrimp, look for the following two cues that will save you the heartache of having to toss out those poor dry shrimp pieces.

From raw to overcooked in minutes

First, you'll want to pay attention to the color and opaqueness of the shrimp, per All Recipes. Raw shrimp are notably a grayish translucent color that isn't hard to miss. If you think shrimp require long periods of time to fully cook on the grill, you might be shocked to know that in high, direct heat shrimp only need a matter of a few minutes on each side, according to The Kitchn. As soon as you see the shrimp is pink and opaque, it's time to flip it over (via All Recipes).

The second cue to look for will be the shrimp's shape, which when thoroughly cooked will look like the letter "C." However, if you see it in an "O" shape, it's too far gone to save as it's been overdone. Resist the urge to overcook in an attempt to "play it safe" and instead stick to these crucial tips that'll have you eating tasty shrimp in no time!