Fans Are Loving This Little Caesar's Pizza Dough Playlist

Pizza dough is a big deal at Little Caesar's. It's such a big deal that of the big four pizza chains across the country that include Pizza Hut, Domino's, and Papa John's, Little Caesar's is the only one that has its restaurants make fresh dough onsite. The ingredients that go into the pizza dough aren't a secret either, because they let Brand Eating into their kitchens in 2015, and we are told that the secret to their fresh crust is made of a mix of sugar, salt, yeast, flour, soybean oil, and water. Because they're made fresh, pizza doughs also have to be proofed – not once, but twice. And this is where we think a playlist comes in, because what is there to do for a baker but wait when his or her dough does its thing?

In order to get you a slice of the action, the folks at Little Caesar's rose to the occasion and made a public playlist dedicated to their fresh dough, because really, that was the yeast they could do.

Doughn't Sleep on This Mix

The Spotify playlist, called "Doughn't Sleep on This Mix" is about 47 minutes long, which is not nearly long enough to get the dough ready for action, but then again, that's what shuffle is for. The music also seems to have been selected for their titles and not for their sound – which is why you'll find John Williams and The Chieftains' "Fighting for Dough" (from the movie "Far and Away") in the same playlist universe as "Doughboi" by TYNAN and G-Rex, and "You Got the Dough" by The Ethiopians. In all, the playlist currently features 15 dough-inspired songs; we can see the folks at Little Caesar's adding to this list and making this a bit heftier if the playlist takes off and becomes a hit. 

The playlist has already hit the right notes with some Instagrammers, who offered such praise as "Love it I need more," "Amazing," and "that was life changing" (via Instagram). Truth be told, this isn't the first Little Caesars-themed playlist on Spotify, but these have more to do with entertaining yourself while waiting for your pizza to arrive. Still, we have to give the folks at Little Caesar's credit for dreaming up their playlist, especially since pizza lovers will all agree that fresh pizza dough is something we may not knead but will always appreciate.