Andrew Zimmern's Aluminum Foil Trick For Roasting Bone Marrow

Celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern needs no introduction to anyone who has tuned their television set to the Food Network since 2006 when "Bizarre Foods" first aired. Not only was the show Zimmern hosted so successful it spawned three spinoffs, but it helped set his career ablaze and build his reputation as the ultimate food expert we know him as today (via the chef's biography on his site). Needless to say, taking some of his free cooking advice is an inexpensive way to freshen up your culinary repertoire.

One place Zimmern shares his culinary knowledge is in his YouTube series "Andrew Zimmern Cooks." In the "Bone Marrow" episode, the prolific TV personality appears pretty confident in his end game with a boastful guarantee: "The way I get your toes curling is with bone marrow." To make the bone marrow, Zimmern explains that the best way to use aluminum foil is to crinkle the foil first, before setting the bones on it. The reason? The crinkly aluminum foil will help hold the bones in place and together (via YouTube). Now, that's an easy step we're willing to try if it leads to toe-curling results.

Getting the best bones for your buck

If you're interested in roasting bone marrow at home, a trip to your local butcher is in order to acquire some bones. Just like picking out a steak, there are some important factors to consider when buying bones. Great British Chefs recommends purchasing bones that are pale pink and nicely cleaned but notes that it's okay if the bones have spots of blood.

The site also recommends buying extra bones since it's impossible to see how much marrow is in them before cutting them open. Another key tip from Great British Chefs is to have the butcher cut the bones for you, they are the experts after all, and it will save you the trouble once you're home. 

Naturally, if you've never tried bone marrow, you might be wondering what it tastes like before attempting to make it. Food52 describes the taste of bone marrow as rich and creamy like "meat-flavored butter." Can you even think of anything more spectacular?