This Is The Most Underrated Cut Of Pork

Bacon, ham, pork tenderloin, pork chops ... the variety of pork products goes on and on, each option delicious in its own right. There are hundreds of ways to prepare and serve pork — everything from a tender roast to bacon-wrapped asparagus. Among all these choices, certain cuts of pork rise to the top and deserve more attention.

Venture into a butcher's shop, and you're likely to find some cuts you may not know much about, such as pork top sirloin steak and secreto. Pork top sirloin has good marbling which enhances the flavor, according to Bon Appétit, but this particular cut has more connective tissue than the popular rib chops. You may want to roast it in the oven after giving it a sear, in order to soften it up. Secreto is found close to the pork belly but is leaner. Also called pork skirt steak, this cut just needs a couple minutes of hard sear on both sides. Neither top sirloin nor secreto is quite as good as the most overlooked of the pork cuts, however.

Fresh coppa is the most underrated cut of pork

If you're a charcuterie lover, you've probably had cured coppa served on a board. But fresh coppa roast is too often overlooked and underrated. This may be because it's so hard to get. Butchers can only carve two coppa roasts out of each animal, so they usually don't advertise it, according to US Foods. You have to know to ask for it. Coppa comes from the shoulder, so it's fatty and flavorful.

Bon Appétit suggests a few ways to prepare coppa. Try cutting it into steaks, searing it, then slow-roasting. It's also incredible when marinated and slowly grilled. You can even give it a gentle, slow braising. But remember, you won't find fresh coppa stacked with the rest of the pork cuts in your local grocery store. You will need to go to a butcher who makes their own cuts. Coppa roast is expensive, but if you want to try the most underrated cut of pork, then you might want to splurge. Then you can decide for yourself whether or not coppa is the best cut of pork out there.