The TikTok Inside-Out Omelet Trick You Need To Try

TikTok has sent food fans into a frenzy once again with this brilliant and simple omelet hack. Called either a reverse omelet or an inside-out omelet, the trick to this tasty meal is the cheese (via TikTok). 

How do you master this breakfast hack? Grab yourself a nonstick pan. It looks like many users opt for the standard Teflon, but a well-seasoned cast iron or eco-nonstick pan is likely to work well too. The next step is to cover the bottom of the pan with shredded cheese and melt it until it runs together and gets a bit bubbly. At this point, you'll want to add your egg mixture. The idea is to use the mix as you would for a standard omelet, so if beaten eggs with a little milk, salt, and pepper are your go-to, try that.

Pour the eggs over the cheese, add any meats or veggies you want to cook into the omelet, like bacon or bell peppers. Next, you cook until it's done like a traditional omelet, and then flip it all so the cheesy crust remains on the outside. The final step is to top the inside-out omelet with your favorite condiments: maybe avocado, sour cream, or hot sauce.

If you need a little help visualizing the finished product, consider it a lot like the Toasted Cheddar Chalupa from Taco Bell (via Insider).

Crispier than a traditional omelet

By first creating the cheese "crust" on this breakfast dish, you add both additional flavor and texture to your meal. On The Kitchn, reviewer Sara Tane describes the result, "The cheese was crispy without tasting burnt, and the eggs were fully set without tasting overcooked or rubbery." Tane also notes that it's easier to get a perfect exterior crust with this method than with a traditional omelet.

Viewers describe this idea as "amazing" frequently saying things like "why didn't I think of that?" As for varying up your ingredients, however, the suggestions are far and wide. Users suggest many traditional ingredients like spinach, tomatoes, and ham. Tane suggests that you can try using different cheeses for the crust as well and maybe add some sauteed onions. The experiments seem limitless with this fun meal. Often described as a keto diet hack by creators on TikTok, we think this fun idea could be adapted to most dietary plans.