The Unusual Bacon Flavor Aldi UK Will Soon Start Selling

Imagine this: you wake up in the morning with an insatiable desire for bacon. You're craving bacon the way that Deadpool likes chimichangas, or the Gilmore Girls need diner food. In fact, your morning desire for bacon beats out your equally urgent need for coffee. In the UK, and as of May 6, 2021, Aldi's got you covered.

The grocery chain isn't messing around with bacon-flavored coffee, a combo that has already graced Aldi's US supermarkets, to surprisingly rave reviews (via Totally The Bomb). Instead, across the pond, Aldi has upped its bacon-coffee-combo game. Daily Record recently announced the chain's intention to sell coffee-flavored bacon at only £1.79 (about $2.49) a pack. To achieve this culinary master-stroke, Aldi says that it cured the bacon in coffee for 24 hours. No word yet on whether the bacon is caffeinated, but, per Aldi, their new breakfast offering is "intricately flavored with the rich and aromatic taste of coffee beans," and makes for a "syrupy, caramel-like bite."

Is Aldi UK's coffee-flavored bacon a surefire flop?

As per Metro, Aldi UK is suggesting that people combine their bacon-flavored coffee strips with a baguette, for added sophistication. It's an endearing proposal, although it's entirely possible that not even the most flavorful of French breads can save the novelty breakfast product. As Surrey Live reports, social media users in the UK are already skeptical that coffee-flavored pork strips are a veritable life necessity. "That sounds vile!! Coffee flavored coffee thank you," wrote one doubter on Surrey Live's Facebook page.

For what it's worth, coffee-flavored bacon doesn't have a great track record in the United States, either. When a Venice, California Whole Foods store tried out the flavor combo, it created so much consternation among its customers as to merit a Daily Mail exposé. The article in question follows one horrified Whole Foods customer, Liz Pollack, who took video footage of Whole Foods' bacon combos, including sriracha bacon, curry bacon, and blueberry bacon. Pollack approved of none, but was particularly upset by Whole Foods' "Breakfast Coffee Bacon." The whole experience provoked her to such extremes that she exclaimed: "nothing is sacred, not even the most beloved of breakfast foods."