Fans Of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Need To Try This New Flavor

Maybe you don't think ice cream flavors can get better than Ben & Jerry's Half Baked, and who could blame you? Half Baked is decadent yet uncomplicated, and merges two classic flavors, making it perfect for the indecisive. Chocolate and vanilla ice creams meet with big ol' gobs of un-baked cookie dough and chunks of baked brownie (hence the name "Half Baked," says Ben & Jerry's). Half Baked has proven to be a favorite year after year: It was Ben & Jerry's top-selling flavor from 2014 to 2020, and it also consistently ranks high in both fan and media rankings, like those of Reviewed and The Independent.

Perhaps it's no surprise for a brand famous for perpetually cranking out creative new ice cream concoctions that there's now a flavor that could potentially steal Half Baked's crown. After all, Ben & Jerry's serves up over 50 flavors at any given time (via The Daily Meal), and has so far sent 300 discontinued varieties to its "flavor graveyard." The wheels of imagination are always turning, and this time, the result is like Half Baked but, dare we say, even better. Ice cream fans, meet Totally Unbaked.

Here's the scoop on Totally Unbaked

According to a Ben & Jerry's press release, the brand releases seasonal "Limited Batch" flavors every four to six months, adding an extra level of get-it-while-its-hot (or, you know, cold) excitement to its regular lineup. Totally Unbaked is the first Limited Batch flavor of 2021. It's chocolate and vanilla ice cream with chunks of cookie dough, but instead of brownie chunks, it's got an unbaked brownie batter swirl (via Best Products). Cookie dough plus brownie batter equals totally unbaked.

"It's a very simple but indulgent flavor," Ben & Jerry's flavor creator and Flavor Guru Natalia Butler said in the press release. Butler dreamed up the flavor while pregnant. "There's no shame in confessing that, on many occasions, I have cured my craving for chocolate by simply eating the brownie batter swirl in this flavor. Those rich cocoa-infused swirls of brownie batter taste exactly like what you'd lick out of a brownie batter bowl."

Ben & Jerry's says that this Limited Batch iteration will only be around until the summer, so if you grew up licking the spoon while making brownies, you're going to want to get on this fast. You'll find pints of Totally Unbaked for $4.99 to $5.49 on shelves across the United States. Ben & Jerry's even has a handy tool for finding the spot nearest you for scooping up pints. All that's left to do is see if 2021 is the year of Totally Unbaked or just another win for Half Baked.