The Heartwarming Reason Cadbury Wants You To Stop Buying Their Chocolate

No one can deny that Cadbury dominates the international chocolate market. According to Leisure Cooker, Cadbury Dairy Milk comes in as the most searched-for chocolate bar in the world, ranking as the favorite chocolate in a multitude of countries. While the pandemic continues, chocolate sales rise, leading to some large profits for big-name chocolatiers like Cadbury (via The Guardian). While this candy giant continues to flourish, smaller chocolatiers have faced a much harsher experience over the last year. 

According to Delish, Cadbury recently watched a neighboring chocolate business fold, despite 18 years of experience under its belt, due to dwindling sales. Multiple High Street candy companies, like Essex's Hill Street, Choc on Choc in Bath, and London's Melange, have faced dire times. Cadbury has generously stepped in to help these struggling chocolatiers. The company has encouraged consumers to buy local confectionery products over big-name Cadbury favorites in order to keep local businesses alive and promote the love of chocolate across the UK. The candy empire went even further, buying 2,000 chocolate products from a range of independent confectioners to give away to the hungry public for free. Just visit the official Cadbury website to claim one of these free gifts that keep the British candy industry alive and well. (Check the company's FAQ page for details.)

Cadbury's history of giving

Cadbury's recent act of generosity can warm anyone's spirit, but the support they have shown to others isn't new. The candy giant has a history of donating candy to charity, and constantly shows support to underfunded communities when it can (via Confectionery News). They have expanded their charity efforts to help the elderly and anyone suffering from loneliness (via Campaign Live). With a track record like that, it just makes sense that Cadbury rose to the occasion and lifted struggling confectioners up by promoting competitors' chocolate over their own. 

If you want to help out, make sure to support small, independent chocolate manufacturers next time a craving strikes. Even if you love a good Dairy Milk bar, you may end up finding your next favorite candy by supporting another English candy retailer. By following Cadbury's lead, you can guarantee that the world holds onto a variety of candy shops that keep our mouths watering.