These Are The Worst Type Of Vegetables To Use In Tea Sandwiches

Simple, fresh, and sophisticated, tea sandwiches have to be one of the easiest dishes to prepare that can still look stunning. On her official Instagram pageMartha Stewart shared a beautiful, rainbow-hued assortment of tea sandwiches inspired by Mother's Day, which is rapidly approaching. While you can make these sandwiches to celebrate mom or for a small but sweet outdoor gathering sometime this spring or summer, you might be surprised by how many easy options there are. 

While the Food Network even has a list of 50 different kinds of tea sandwiches you can make, Stewart has a few guidelines to ensure your tea sandwiches are picture perfect. One tip that was shared in the comments of Stewart's Instagram post is to use an electric knife to cut the tea sandwiches into shapes, which helps keep the sandwich bread from getting flattened as you press down. But an even more integral part of making tea sandwiches is making sure you have the right fillings. If you're feeling stuck, let Martha Stewart offer some guidance.

Stewart's big rule for tea sandwiches

Looking at the Instagram photo Martha Stewart shared, it is easy to see the vibrant array of produce she uses in her tea sandwiches, from strawberries to slices of cucumber. "These sweet and savory tea sandwiches taste as vibrant as they look, and are so easy to assemble that kids of all ages can sous-chef for Mom's special day. To prep an array of fruits and vegetables, from red strawberries to golden or violet beets and the shades in between, start by sourcing your ingredients," Stewart wrote on Instagram.

Stewart continued sharing some advice on which produce is best to avoid. She explains that tea sandwich makers should steer clear of fruits and veggies that are "very firm, like apples and carrots," noting that these ingredients may "sploosh out" when the sandwich is bitten into. Once your produce is chosen, Stewart instructs to "spread fluffy sandwich bread with a mix of cream cheese and honey, or herby Boursin cheese or ricotta with a touch of lemon. Lay down the fillings, use a serrated knife to slice the sandwiches into neat rectangles or slim triangles, and cut off the crusts (just like Mom used to do for you)." 

As if her produce rule isn't easy enough, the full recipe for her tea sandwiches is already online. So start layering sandwiches and invite Mom or some friends over for an afternoon tea!