José Andrés' Easy Microwave Egg Hack Guarantees Creamy Results

José Andrés' culinary career is filled with prestige and accomplishments. According to his own website, Andrés has done incredible work both in and out of the kitchen. In addition to his humanitarian efforts geared towards ending poverty and hunger worldwide, the esteemed chef has regularly turned out world-class restaurants worthy of multiple Michelin stars. To top it all off, the restaurateur has twice been named in Time's list of "100 Most Influential People." And where do influential people go in 2021? To TikTok, of course: the quintessential influencer haven of all social media platforms.

Andrés has taken his top-tier knowledge and cooking tips to TikTok, and we're totally on board. The award-winning chef recently shared a hack that wouldn't pass in most five-star kitchens, but it's guaranteed to fly in your own. If you're short on time in the morning and you're sick of granola bars for breakfast, take a page out of Andrés' book — all you need is some eggs, mayonnaise, and a microwave.

Microwaved anything gets a bad rep, we can't really blame the masses. Whether it's an attempt at a poached egg or a simple scramble, zapping eggs tends to ruin the texture in the name of saving some time. On their own, microwaved eggs can come out dry, rubbery, and totally not worth the couple of minutes that you save. It's key to add at least some sort of dairy to make them edible (via Healthy Recipes).

Microwaved eggs don't have to be terrible with this interesting addition

When it comes to speed-cooking an omelette, though, José Andrés has it covered. First, take one egg and one heaping spoonful of mayo — yes, mayo. Whisk the two together until you get a light and creamy consistency. Pop the mixture in the microwave for one minute ... or maybe 30 seconds, depending on what your microwave tells you, says Andrés (via TikTok). Practice makes perfect, even when it comes to breakfast!

Beat the microwave to the beep (we all try to, let's admit it) and grab your eggs, but don't be nervous if they look undercooked or "gooey." As Andrés says, that's when you know you've succeeded. The omelette will finish up cooking on the plate while you top it off with some cheese and get ready to dig in.

The end result? "The best, creamy, egg omelette in the history of mankind," according to Andrés. Considering the amount of eggs the chef has seen, we're going to trust him on the whole mayo thing and give this one a go.