The Real Reason This Animated Video Of Butter Melting Has Received Over 15 Million Views

There are quite a few mistakes one can theoretically make when cooking with butter, but you know what isn't one of them? Letting it sizzle into a heart-shaped puddle on a nice, warm griddle. And that's precisely what internationally popular K-pop band, BTS, is doing in the one-hour-27-minute-long video they first livestreamed on YouTube on April 26. 

Well, not literally, but rather, via a richly colored animation. The video, titled "'Butter' Logo Trailer," begins with a bright yellow pat of animated butter on a yellow background, juxtaposed with a countdown timer set to 59:59:59. It features the sound of butter sizzling, as well as other "kitchen" sounds (such as pots and pans clanging together), as the butter gradually melts into a heart-shape. If it's making you hungry, that's probably the intention, at least metaphorically. You see, it seems the real reason this animated YouTube video of butter melting has received over 15 million views thus far is that appears to be teasing the hotly anticipated May 21 release of BTS' second-ever English-language single, Butter (via iHeartRadio). But that's not all — it's rumored a certain young and beloved Canadian pop star may be involved as well. Here's the sizzle...

The "melting butter" video appears to herald some big pop-music news

As stated above, on April 26, K-pop boy band BTS livestreamed a near-hour-long animated video of melting butter, which has since attracted the attention of over has 15 million viewers (via YouTube) — as well as another 1.6 million who liked it on Twitter when it was posted by Big Hit Music, the corporate masterminds who created BTS in 2010 (via The Fact Site). At this point, it has already been revealed that the video is meant to promote a brand new BTS single called "Butter," which will be the group's second English-language single thus far, as reported by iHeartRadio. But what appears to be developing news, according to Page Six, is that the song may actually involve a collaboration with none other than Canadian pop sensation, Justin Bieber. In addition, insiders are speculating that the new single may be released via Bieber on a deluxe re-release of his 6th studio album, "Justice."

As to what is behind this sensational potential collaboration? In addition to the fact that BTS and Bieber appear to be engaged in a mutual love-fest, with BTS member Jungkook citing Bieber as a major influence (via Billboard) and Bieber giving a shout out to BTS for their ability to "make history" on E News, Page Six has speculated that it appears that the collaboration may be the "result of a merger between the artists' respective record companies."