This Bizarre Raisin Trick Keeps Champagne Bubbly

When you want to celebrate a significant occasion, nothing makes the moment special like a flute of champagne. The tradition of marking special events with champagne stems from the royal courts of Europe, where nobility toasted with this status symbol (via Live Science). Royalty's love of the beverage trickled down to the common folk, and ever since, any special occasion requires a bottle of champagne.

While good times call for this alcoholic treat, trying to down a whole bottle before the drink goes flat can sometimes feel impossible. Resist the temptation to toss out the bottle and restore the drink to its former, sparkling self with the help of raisins. According to Delish, you can drop one or two raisins into a bottle of champagne to restore the natural fizz. The natural sugars pair together in a unique way to bring your bottle back to life. While this reaction feels like magic, a simple chemical reaction makes this trick work.

The science of bubbly

If you feel skeptical of this method, try to test it out for yourself. According to The Kitchn, this hack works thanks to the unique texture of raisins. The beverage relies on carbon dioxide to maintain its carbonation, and by dropping one of these dried fruit into the bottle, you give something for the carbon dioxide to cling to. The remaining carbon dioxide trapped in the bottle should cling to the ridges of the raisin, and steadily release themself evenly throughout the bottle. You might not end up with the same amount of carbonation capable of shooting the cork off, but you can definitely revive a seemingly flat bottle of bubbly.

So, next time you have a celebration, don't get rid of all the leftover champagne. Make sure to keep a few raisins on hand to give new life to these still bottles once the party comes to an end. With this simple kitchen hack, you can always celebrate the little things and never worry about still bottles of this classic sparkling beverage.