Costco Fans Can't Agree On These Snap'd Cheez-Its

Americans love their Cheez-It crackers. According to Statista, 1.64 million U.S. citizens ate at least eight bags of the cheese-laden snack in one month alone. If you're a fan as well, Costco has some good news for you. The supermarket has just announced a new sale on bulk-sized bags of Snap'd Cheez-Its, which are a thinner, crispier, and a cheesier version of the original Cheez-It cracker. 

The Instagram account @costcodeals made an excited post celebrating the great deal on these new Snap'd Cheez-Its at Costcos across the country, writing, "These @cheezit Snap'd are crazy delicious!! If you love #cheezits these are a must grab! Plus they are sale in this months savings book for $2 off now only $4.79 for a huge #costco size bag! #costcodeals available nationwide!"

Many followers agreed that these were indeed delicious and were quick to respond with their own positive reviews of the product. One follower raved, "These are so good! We picked them up last week at Costco." But not every shopper was quite as satisfied with these Cheese-Its, which sparked a lively debate in the Instagram comments section.

Some Costco shoppers loved these Snap'd Cheez-Its, while others called them "so gross"

The other side of the debate didn't stay mum about their opinions. "So gross don't waste your money on this," one user wrote. Others agreed that the bag was so bad they ended up throwing the whole thing away. Some shoppers called it "not good," and another just outright said they "hated them." A different follower wrote, "My kid [loves] @cheezit but just hates the Snap'd...No wonder it's markdown." 

There was little consensus to the disagreement, with some customers saying they couldn't stomach the product and others saying they couldn't put it down. So, if you already know you are a fan of Snap'd Cheez-Its, then you won't want to miss this great deal at your local Costco. However, if you are unsure where you land on this debate, you might want to give this snack a test run by purchasing a smaller size before committing to a whole 20 ounce bag of the snack.