Aldi Shoppers Are Loving This Guacamole Keeper

Guacamole is a staple party dip, and for good reason. With fresh avocados, tomatoes, jalapeños, and lime, it makes the perfect topping for any chip, veggie, or dish. However, sometimes it just doesn't feel worth it to make guacamole by hand, because once prepared, it is likely to go brown very quickly, and there's nothing more disappointing than watching all that hard work wilt, just mere hours after making the dip. Luckily, Aldi has just the tool you need to keep your guacamole tasting fresh and delicious for up to several days after you cut open the first avocado.

The supermarket has just returned the Crofton fresh guacamole keeper to its store shelves. The gadget comes with an adjustable, press-fit seal lid that is designed to prevent browning and lock in freshness for days. Per Aldi Reviewer, it can fit up to four cups of dip, so it's perfect whether you just want to store leftovers after a gathering, or are hoping to enjoy homemade guacamole with your meals throughout the week.

Aldi shoppers have posted rave reviews about this guacamole keeper online

The popular Instagram account @theamazingaldi asked their followers if they had given the gadget a try, and many of them responded with rave reviews about the product. One fan replied, "It's worked great for me. I put guac in on Thursday, and now it is Tuesday and still looking fresh." Another Instagram user raved: "I bought it and love it!!! This is the third day with the guac in there in my fridge and still not brown!" A few others offered tips and mentioned the lid is a bit finicky at first but completely worth the purchase.

So if you love guacamole and have always wanted to make your own from scratch but have been hesitant to start, then this is just the tool you need. With this handy guacamole keeper, you can feel free to make as much guacamole as you want without having to worry about any of the tasty dip doing to waste.