How Martha Stewart Really Feels About Rachael Ray

When you think of big-name feuds, you might think of the epic battles between Nas and Jay-Z, or various other musicians or athletes who go head-to-head, but the kitchen is no stranger to beef, either. In a 2009 piece by E! Online, the publication detailed just what Martha Stewart thinks about fellow celebrity chef Rachael Ray — and it was not exactly complimentary.

In what could have been an honest critique, or simply an expression of Stewart's standards, she spoke out on "Nightline" about Ray's then-new book and general personality, accusing her colleague of putting out old, re-edited recipes. On top of that, Stewart compared the two household names, saying that she herself was a teacher, whereas Ray was an entertainer. Of course, Stewart eventually walked back on her comments — but they were still tough words for a colleague with a kitchen full of knives. So how did Ray respond to Stewart's unsolicited critique?

Rachael Ray's take on the ordeal

According to CheatSheet, Rachael Ray's response to the matter was certainly not what Celebrity Death Match fans were hoping for. Ray admitted that she had a skill set far lower than that of Stewart's, and that, in fact, she would take a meal whipped up by Stewart over herself any day. This ordeal, however, was not the only time Ray found herself in the critical crosshairs of her fellow celebrity chefs.

Ray did an interview with ABC News where she explained how she deals with the criticism she seems to attract like a magnet. Where even Anthony Bourdain had attacked her in the past over a commercial campaign with Dunkin', her response was simply that she loves and respects Bourdain. Ray also noted that she never claimed to be a chef, but rather, someone who simply knows how to make an easy meal for the average American family. "Not everybody's going to like it, just like not everybody likes everybody on the playground," she added. "I mean, that's life."

Based on Ray's modesty, it does not exactly look like any of the so-called beefs around her will ever boil over into anything more.