The Big Complaint Some Customers Make About Little Caesar's Deep Dish Pizza

As a widely known pizza chain, Little Caesars has an exceptionally cute mom-and-pop origin story that's worth re-telling. According to the official website, Little Caesars was the dream project of a couple, Mike Ilitch and Marian Bayoff, who first met on a blind date. After marrying, they had an idea for a business and poured their life savings into a pizza restaurant located in a suburb of Detroit. It opened in 1959, and within a short time, their little leap of faith brought in a significant amount of success as franchises began opening across the U.S. beginning in the '60s. Today it's still one of the fastest growing pizza brands with restaurants in 18 countries.

As reported by The Daily Meal, one of the most impressive things about Little Caesars is that it's the one national pizza chain that ensures all its locations prepare dough from scratch every day. On average, they're accustomed to making at least three million pies daily and have a number of delicious items to choose from, including Detroit-style deep dish pizzas, garlic-parmesan breadsticks, soft pretzel pizzas, and more. However, not all customers are pleased with the brand's deep dish.

Some customers think this deep dish is a bit raw

A Little Caesars staff member disclosed on Reddit that several customers have complained that these pizzas are too soft when you bite into a slice, describing it as even a bit gooey. While asking for other employees to weigh in, the worker shares a theory for the end product, involving how the recipe stays away from cooking oil. "I think it's because we don't put oil in deep dishes ... I have several customers come and tell me it's raw. I have had several deep dishes and as much as you try to cook them they are all very soft on the inside."

Another staff member chimed in, saying that it's pretty tricky to avoid this problem — and that the pizzas are usually pretty chewy especially when they're made with lots of toppings. Another person added that the only way out is to specifically order a pizza that is well-done, which involves cooking it for an extra amount of time, and can have the benefit of caramelizing the cheese and crust even more.