The Truth About Andrew Zimmern's Longtime Friendship With Shake Shack's Founder

Celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern, best known for his Travel Channel show "Bizarre Foods," is a reputed name in the culinary space who has never shied away from doing what he can to contribute to the food industry. As a passionate chef and TV personality, Zimmern is rather open about his food preferences and often shares recommendations with his fans.

For example, Zimmern has expressed his fondness for the burger chain Shake Shack in the past, saying that it makes one of the most delicious burgers that you can get in the country. He wrote on his website, "Danny Meyer and Union Square Hospitality Group nailed it again with what I think is one of the country's best burgers ... A 100 percent, all-angus beef cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce. No frills, just the good stuff." Zimmern has also partnered with Shake Shack in the past — he once made special burgers for the brand to help celebrate its 10th anniversary (via Inc). 

What even the most religious fans may not know is that Andrew Zimmern is not only a fan of Shake Shack, he's actually really good friends with Shake Shack's founder, Danny Meyer.

Danny Meyer and Andrew Zimmern are really good friends

This past March, Andrew Zimmern posted a tweet wishing Danny Meyer a happy birthday. He wrote an heartfelt message for his old friend on Twitter which read, "Happy birthday @dhmeyer , you have been a good friend for many years and I hope you are safe happy and enjoying your family." He also said that he was preparing fried chicken in Meyer's honor. Aww.

In fact, the pair gel so well together that they've often worked on projects together and appeared on panels with each other. In addition to Zimmern making burgers for Shake Shack's 10th anniversary, they also worked with each other at the 2015 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen (via Restaurant Hospitality). Zimmern grilled his old friend about his journey with Shake Shack and his thoughts on the "fine casual" restaurant trend. 

The duo may have taken different paths in the same industry, but are the perfect example of what a solid friendship in the culinary space looks like.