Popular La Croix Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best

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When you go to a restaurant, how do you go about answering the "sparkling or still" question? For some, the answer is clear. Why would you want a soda without all the flavor? Flat is the way to go. But for others, sparkling will always come out on top. Sure, normal water is fine and all, but you've never had your thirst truly quenched until you've taken a big gulp of sparkling water on a burning hot day in the summer sun. It gives you all the refreshment of a soda without that overly sugary flavor or feeling. And that's why, here at Mashed, we're huge fans of LaCroix.

Let's get one thing straight. You might want to try to sound French and pronounce it "la c-wah," but that's not how you do it. Instead, it's pronounced "la-croy." Easy enough to remember, right? Now that you know what to call it, you have to figure out which flavors are worth your time and which aren't. And with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to suss out the best before you go buy. Need help deciding? Take a look at how we've rated the most popular LaCroix flavors, starting from the worst.

19. Apricot

It's probably no surprise that for us, apricot comes in dead last place when it comes to LaCroix flavors. It's one of those flavors you'll usually see at the grocery store but that you'll pass up if you know what's good for you. That's because the flavor is simply too strong. Sure, it does kind of taste like apricot, but apricot isn't one of those flavors that most people crave on a daily basis. It's not exactly the most refreshing fruit, so it's no wonder that it doesn't come out to be a very refreshing drink.

LaCroix's website calls this flavor sweet and tart, and that's kind of the problem. Yes, you have the tartness there, but unfortunately, it's all swallowed up in the sugary flavor. Somehow, they're just too strong together, and they don't balance each other well.

Maybe this wouldn't be a terrible option if you absolutely love apricot. But since most people out there would choose a ton of other fruits over apricot, it's clear why this one didn't come out as a winner.

18. Pure

Next up on the list is LaCroix's pure flavor. As you may have guessed, this "flavor" doesn't really have any flavor at all — it's just plain sparkling water. Now, there's nothing wrong with this stuff. It doesn't taste bad, and it isn't too carbonated. It's just ... plain. Sometimes, that's what you want from sparkling water. But if you do, then you probably shouldn't spend your hard-earned cash on LaCroix. The brand makes amazing flavored waters that you can't find anywhere else, but if you're just looking for a run-of-the-mill fizzy water, you can get it for much cheaper.

Perhaps the one exception to this rule would be if you were throwing a party and you wanted to have a cooler full of colorful drinks. The pure flavor still has that retro packaging we all know and love, so if you're not pinching pennies and you're having guests over, you may want to lean into the aesthetic.

Of course, if you want sparkling water all the time and are okay with having it unflavored, you may also want to check out a SodaStream.

17. Limoncello

Have you ever been to Italy before? Or maybe you've just dreamed of taking a vacation to the Amalfi coast. Whatever the case may be, you've probably tried (or wanted to try) limoncello at some point. Limoncello is a kind of liqueur that you'll frequently encounter in Italy if you have the chance to visit. It often comes in a small glass that you can sip while you wait for all that pasta to digest. It's delicious, if a bit sweet.

Well, what if you got to experience that kind of flavor in a sparkling water? Well, you can, thanks to LaCroix's limoncello flavor. According to Delish, the drink's flavor is somehow a cross between lemon and vanilla. While that doesn't sound terrible in theory, in practice, it leaves a lot to be desired.

Our opinion? The vanilla flavor is too strong, and it almost totally cancels out the refreshing lemon flavor. You're left with a drink that tastes kind of like dessert, but in the worst way possible. One Twitter user stated that, "LimonCello LaCroix tastes like a Carebear." We're not sure if they meant that as a good thing or a bad thing, but it doesn't sound too positive to us.

Maybe, just maybe, if you're the kind of person who really loves limoncello, you can get behind this strange-tasting beverage. For the rest of us, though, there are plenty of other amazing LaCroix flavors to choose from.

16. Coconut

When the summer finally rolls around, there's nothing tastier than some cold coconut water. It's lightly sweet, but when it's chilled, there's just something so thirst-quenching about it. But if you think that's what you're going to get from LaCroix's coconut flavor, you're bound to be disappointed. On their website, they describe the flavor as "creamy." Um, is creaminess what you want when you grab a sparkling water? If you're like us, definitely not.

Basically, this water has the slight taste of coconut, but it's almost like hearing a song in the background. It sounds familiar, but you can't really figure out what song is playing. You may be able to taste a hint of coconut, but it's not strong enough to really enjoy it.

Plus, when you do get a really good taste of the stuff, it just feels like it doesn't belong in water. Instead, it almost tastes like the flavoring from a cake or other sweet dessert. If you want something refreshing over something that tastes faintly like an Almond Joy, we suggest that you skip over the coconut.

15. Beach Plum

LaCroix really wanted to make a drink that would be perfect for the summer months, and that's how the Beach Plum flavor came to be. The plum flavor is strong, and it may be a bit overpowering for those who aren't in love with the taste anyway. However, if you tend to be a fan of the fruit, then it may just be something that you'd want to look into. We're not huge fans, but we can see why some would drink it right up.

The real reason this one ends up so low on our list is the fact that the design of the can is pretty lazy. LaCroix could've done anything, but they ended up just putting a beach in the background. Um ... okay. Since there are so many other sparkling water brands out there to choose from, LaCroix stands out due to its distinctive look. That's why this boring attempt at graphic design is a bit of a bummer.

14. Lemon

Don't get us wrong, the lemon flavor of LaCroix is pretty good. When you think of a standard sparkling water, this is probably what comes to mind. It has just a hint of flavor, which makes it way better than any plain sparkling water you've ever had. And with its slight tart-ness, it's even more refreshing than you might expect.

But would we recommend that you get lemon LaCroix when there are so many other lemon-flavored sparkling waters out there? Probably not. Here's the thing: You can probably get lemon sparkling water that tastes exactly like this stuff — but for a lot cheaper. If you're trying to pinch pennies, you may want to opt for something cheaper if you're just going for the taste.

Of course, if you're buying a lot of LaCroix and want to find a flavor that almost everyone is guaranteed to like, then lemon LaCroix may not be too bad of an idea. Otherwise, we'd pass it up for one of the more exciting options on this list. After all, why waste your time and money on something so typical?

13. Lime

Here's another one you're probably expecting to come across on this list: lime flavor. Sure, it may not be quite as basic as the lemon, but it's pretty close. That's okay, though, since lime is one of the most celebrated flavors on earth, especially when the summer rolls around. The refreshing flavor of lime will take just about any drink to the next level, so if you're hot and need a sip of something to cool you down, lime LaCroix may just do the trick.

However, everything we said about LaCroix's lemon flavor applies here as well. Lots of different sparkling water brands sell lime-flavored bubbles, so what LaCroix offers isn't exactly a novelty. And if you can get the same thing for cheaper, wouldn't you do it?

One thing we will say about the lime flavor, though, is the fact that it's got a very natural taste. This does not feel like sipping on the idea of lime: It seriously tastes like the real thing. That's not always common when it comes to flavored beverages, so we have to give the lime flavor some credit here.

12. Mango

When you hear that something is mango-flavored, you probably have one of two reactions. First of all, you may think that it's going to be delicious. After all, who doesn't like biting into a nice, juicy mango on a hot summer day? It's something that you can't help but enjoy. But no matter how much you love mangoes, there's a good chance that you don't actually like mango flavoring. Oftentimes, mango-flavored food items can taste really artificial, leaving you with a lingering taste in your mouth that you just can't get rid of. And when you just want a refreshing drink, that's not exactly ideal.

While LaCroix's mango-flavored sparkling water may not taste exactly like the real thing, we have to admit that it's pretty good anyway. Here's what one Buzzfeed writer had to say about the drink: "Here's the thing: Mango is one of those sweet flavors that works really well as a candy but shouldn't work for a sparkling water. Sparkling water, when flavored, can't hit you over the head with its taste. It's supposed to be subtle, and it's tough to do mango subtly. Yet LaCroix pulls it off."

We couldn't agree more! We're glad that LaCroix kept it nice and simple when creating this fizzy drink infused with one of our favorite fruits.

11. Berry

If you're looking for a classic flavor that you can't really get wrong, then berry may be the best LaCroix option for you. Who doesn't like berry flavoring? It's slightly sweet, very tart, and just all-around easy to drink. Since it has such universal appeal, it's also a sparkling water you can keep stocked in the fridge to share with friends when they come over to your house. No matter what, you're not going to regret reaching for one of these.

Since we have such good things to say about the berry LaCroix flavor, you may wonder why it's not ending up closer to the end of this list. While we do love the taste, berry is a little bit plain when compared to many of the flavors that LaCroix offers. Sure, sometimes plain is good, but one of the reasons we love the brand is the fact that we have so many different options to choose from.

So, should you turn the berry flavor down when it's offered to you? No, of course not. But even if you love this flavor, don't be afraid to branch out and try something new. You never know what might surprise you.

10. Black Razzberry

The first thing to note here is that the Black Razzberry flavor of LaCroix is really enjoyable. It's got a zing to it that you may not expect, and that will undoubtedly have some customers coming back time and time again. We have to admit, though, it tastes shockingly like the berry flavor. They may be a little too close in flavor profile for our liking, but if we had to choose, we'd put this one just a little bit ahead. It has a bit less sweetness than the berry, which is preferable when you're trying to quench your thirst.

As The Bubbleverse explains, "While the Black Raspberry is an actual fruit (as opposed to the Blue Raspberry), we think LaCroix uses those two Zs so that this doesn't have to taste like any particular berry. It's not a blackberry, it's not a raspberry, it's not a black raspberry, it's all and none of them at the same time. We do detect some notes of blueberry in here too."

That might very well be the case. We definitely can't put our finger on it when it comes to figuring out where this flavor is actually coming from. Whatever it is, we like it ... and we'll be coming back for more in the future.

9. Orange

Sometimes, you just have to keep it simple, and the orange flavor of LaCroix is easily able to do just that. The first word that comes to mind when describing this fizzy drink is "sunny." It'll make you feel like the weather is warm and the sun is shining even in the middle of winter. It's light and refreshing taste will make you want to reach for a second after you're through with the first.

We love that the orange flavor in this beverage doesn't taste artificial at all. In fact, if you didn't know better, you may assume that there are actually little pieces of orange floating around in the can. And it doesn't just taste good — it even smells good too. LaCroix's website describes it as an "aroma of freshly squeezed with a natural lively citrus delivery."

We couldn't agree more. Not every store will have every LaCroix flavor, but most will have orange. If you're looking for a solid standby that will never let you down, then load this stuff into your shopping cart the first chance you get.

8. Key Lime

You already know our stance on the "regular" lime — it's great! But what if we told you there was an even better lime-y flavor out there that would tickle your taste buds? Well, you're in luck, because LaCroix has now come out with their Key lime flavor.

If you visit the LaCroix website, you may be surprised by the description provided for this beverage. While, yes, you do taste that lime flavor quite distinctly, LaCroix also notes that you'll experience a "graham cracker finish." If that sounds strange to you, you're not alone. You probably wouldn't think such a carb-y, dessert-like flavor would belong in a sparkling water. We certainly had our doubts before we tried it ourselves.

Once we took a sip of this stuff, though, we were surprised at how much we liked it. Is it our favorite flavor? No. But is it unusual enough to capture our attention? Absolutely. While we wouldn't suggest replacing your actual dessert with this sparkling drink, it might be a nice addition to a light, sweet snack at the end of your meal. There's certainly a difference between lime and key lime, so give it a try if you're feeling adventurous.

7. Razz-Cranberry

While the other berry flavors on this list are just so-so, you're definitely not going to be disappointed when you get your hands on this Razz-Cranberry flavor of LaCroix. This is definitely one of our favorite berry flavors, and we're guessing that it will be for you, too. While there is a hint of sweetness in this drink, the overwhelming flavor profile is tart. And if that's your thing like it is ours, you won't be able to get enough of this flavor.

One thing we love? It actually tastes like real cranberries. However, if you don't like cranberries or cranberry juice because it's overly tart, you won't necessarily be turned off by this stuff. While the tartness is distinct, it's also not overpowering.

While you can easily drink this beverage at any time of the year, we would encourage you to keep it stocked in your fridge around the holidays. Cranberry flavoring is probably already all over the menu for the holidays, so having this on hand can be a great way to complement everything else you're consuming. Of course, don't let this suggestion stop you from enjoying it in the summer as well!

6. Guava São Paulo

If you want to experience something that's truly out of the ordinary in your seltzer, then you can't go wrong when you buy the Guava Sao Paulo flavor from LaCroix. Not to be shallow, but can we start with the packaging? We love the light pink can and the cute illustrations you'll find on it. It has a summery vibe that basically begs you to pack it in your picnic basket.

Luckily, you won't have to sacrifice flavor just to enjoy looking at the can all afternoon. That's because the guava in this drink is amazingly refreshing. Take just one sip, and you'll clearly see why this is one of our favorites of the bunch. It basically tastes like you're on a Brazilian beach with nothing but time and bubbles to fill your day.

Seltzer Nation agrees with us on this front. They said, "When you crack open a can of LaCroix Guava Sao Paulo Sparkling Water, you are greeted with an overall appealing tropical scent. Pineapple is the only fruit smell that is uniquely identifiable in the scent bouquet. Rather, the scent is more a blend of tropical odors that combine for a singular fruity, appealing smell."

That tropical kind of flavor makes this an ideal drink to bring with you to the beach, the pool, or even your backyard. Just pop it open and pretend you're on the sunny shores of some faraway destination. You're not going to regret it.

5. Passionfruit

While we're on the topic of tropical-tasting sparkling waters, we can't forget about the famous passionfruit flavor. If you spend much time in the sparkling water section of your local grocery store, then you know that this is one of the most ubiquitous LaCroix flavors — it just seems to be everywhere. That could be because it's definitely one of the most delicious options that the brand offers.

If you've ever tried passionfruit before, you know it has a pretty distinctive taste. We'll be honest here: This drink doesn't taste especially like a real passionfruit. But that's okay, because it has its own delicious flavor that we can't get enough of. If we had to compare it to anything, we would probably say it tastes like a very light fruit punch, but even that misses the mark a bit. Basically, you have to try it for yourself to get a sense of just how good it really is.

This is another one that we just have to recommend for the summer months. When it's blistering hot outside and you just need something to cool you off and quench your thirst, passionfruit should certainly be one of your go-to flavors. If you close your eyes and dream hard enough, it may even feel like you're at your favorite tropical destination.

4. Tangerine

Yes, we admit, we do love LaCroix's orange flavor. But when it comes to citrus-y flavors, it just can't hold a candle to the tangerine flavor. LaCroix's website states that it's similar to the orange, but it has a slightly stronger flavor. However, we didn't think that the stronger flavor was overpowering at all. Instead, it makes this drink feel more like a soda than a sparkling water — but without all that unneeded sugar. Overall, the result is a beverage that you'll love having in lieu of sugary drinks or alcohol.

When you crack this stuff open, you'll feel like you're getting a whiff of citrus peels. Doesn't that sound refreshing? Take a sip, and you'll realize the flavor is as simple as can be. While it's on the stronger side, you won't find it offensive in the least.

Most of all, we love that this flavor doesn't keep you guessing. There aren't any strange tastes that you have to decipher — it just straight-up tastes like tangerine. If you're looking for a simple pleasure in life that you can enjoy at any time of the day, this flavor is going to blow you away.

3. Pamplemousse

Pamplemousse may be one of the most popular flavors of LaCroix. If you've only ever seen this word on the side of the can, you may not know what it means yet: It just means "grapefruit." And while they just could've said that, the extravagant name is totally perfect for describing this absolutely fantastic sparkling water flavor. If we had to describe it in one word, it would be "fresh." There's not even a hint of sweetness in this drink, so you know you're getting something that's truly light and enjoyable.

In fact, this is such a widely popular flavor that LaCroix itself dares to call it a "pantry staple." And an Amazon reviewer named Molly seems to agree. They said: "I love love love grapefruit La Croix! It is what opened me up to liking sparkling water beverages. But this is still my favorite. It's a staple at our house. It good flavor, good carbonation, and wonderfully refreshing!" We can't say we disagree. Having this stuff around makes just about any day better, and it'll have you keep coming back for more.

Just be warned: If you pick some of this stuff up, be sure to get more than one package. Eight single servings just isn't going to cut it if you love it as much as we do.

2. Melón Pomelo

If we love pamplemousse so much, then it should come as no surprise that this flavor comes up next on our list: melón pomelo is definitely a flavor you should try if you're interested in the best that LaCroix has to offer. It starts off with the amazing flavor you know and love from the pamplemousse. But it doesn't stop there. Instead of keeping things simple, the sparkling beverage is made even better with the addition of cantaloupe flavoring.

Okay, okay. We know what you're thinking. Cantaloupe? You mean the stuff that you pick around every time you pick up a container of cut fruit from the grocery store? But hear us out: Even if you don't like eating the stuff, the flavor of it tastes amazing when it's combined with the tried-and-true pamplemousse that we've all come to love.

It's somehow ever more refreshing than the pamplemousse. And if you like a hint of sweetness in your sparkling water flavors, then you're going to find this one even more satisfying than the last. With so much to love, why aren't you running out to the store and picking up an eight-pack now?

1. Cerise Limón

Now comes the very best of the best when it comes to a refreshing and delicious can of your favorite sparkling water. If your taste buds are anything like ours, then you can't deny that cerise limón should take the top spot for the best LaCroix flavor. While this may not be the flavor you see most often stocked at your local grocery store or in trendy office kitchens, it's a bit of a hidden gem — and totally a flavor you should seek out the next time you're grabbing some sparkling water.

Wondering what this flavor entails? Well, it's the perfect mixture of cherry and lime. The cherry provides a slight tartness that will make your mouth water as soon as you smell it. But you don't have to stop there. Add in the lime, and this drink reaches all new levels of thirst-quenching ability.

One Influenster reviewer had a suggestion that we fully endorse: "This great pairing stands alone nicely. Or works great with breakfast! Adding a splash of orange juice, or your favorite juice will add some pizzaz to start your day!!" And when you really think about it, why wouldn't you want to start your day with the best of the best?