The Food Rule Jillian Michaels Thinks You Should Break

TV personality and fitness icon Jillian Michaels is an inspiration to many, thanks to her sheer dedication to making healthy living more accessible to scores of fans. As a trainer who's mentored many celebrities, Michaels knows exactly what it takes to prioritize fitness on a regular basis and achieve results. According to Insider, Michaels' routine is rather disciplined and meticulously planned.

For example, the trainer ensures that she gets herself a snack or a meal every four hours to avoid hunger pangs. She is especially fond of string cheese, Popchips, and protein shakes. Additionally, she ensures that she doesn't skimp on vegetables during the day, and also pays close attention to her portion sizes to make sure that she doesn't go overboard. Specifically, Michaels says, "Never ever buy large bags of chips, pretzels, nuts, dried fruit, whatever. You won't be able to keep track of how many servings you're mindlessly eating."

Michaels doesn't say no to carbohydrates

Even someone like Jillian Michaels knows how amazing carbs can be. She doesn't eliminate them from her diet and gets her fill of carbs during the day. She told Women's Health Magazine that her diet includes carbs in many forms and she's happy to keep it that way. She said, ”I'm not carb-free and carbs are not the devil. I have carbs all the time." She went on to list some of her favorite carb-heavy meals and snacks: sandwiches, lots of fresh fruits, cinnamon raisin bagels with cream cheese, pumpkin waffles, and more.

Her website illustrates this point. She relates that there are loads of good sources of carbs that should be included in your diet, such as whole grains, oats, vegetables, and more. She emphasizes the need to follow a sustainable eating plan instead of jumping on trends. She writes, "Our bodies need carbs. Limiting carbs will never work long-term because our bodies crave and need them. Depriving yourself of a major food group is not a manageable weight-loss plan."