The Egg Yolk Myth You Should Stop Believing

It feels like food nutrition rules change with the wind. According to Healthline, nutrition information you once believed as fact gets refuted as a myth, making healthy eating that much more difficult. Some dieticians once claimed you should avoid high-fat foods, but some low-fat foods and diet items end up contributing to insulin resistance. Some diets used to tout low-calorie eating plans, but scientists recently found that these rapid weight loss diets can't keep the pounds off and can do some unforeseen long-term damage. The latest myth you now have to remember centers around how to include egg yolks in your weekly diet. 

According to Delish, the average eater has probably heard that egg whites contain better nutrition than egg yolks, which store all the fat and cholesterol found within eggs. This line of thinking emerged years ago when nutritionists waged war against high-fat foods and recommended only eating egg whites due to their minimal fat content. On paper, this sounds great, but egg whites lack many of the important nutrients found in yolk. By consuming the yolk, you ensure you get the highest amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals out of each egg.

The full scoop on egg yolks

When you want to eat healthy, you can't go wrong with eggs. According to the Mayo Clinic, while chicken eggs contain fat and cholesterol, they don't raise your body's overall level of these harmful fats, making them a great food that's filled with positive nutritional content. Breakfast foods associated with eggs, like bacon and sausage, do much more arterial damage and, by association, give eggs a bad rap. Overall, scientists agree that the effect eggs have on our health requires more study and observation, meaning that you can guarantee to see more fluctuating information surrounding this culinary staple.

If you love eggs, just make sure to eat them in moderation, like all other foods, to avoid any serious side effects. If you have skimped on yolks due to believing they do damage via cholesterol, take heart knowing you can partake of this special food that packs in a ton of positive nutritional content.