Here's What Alton Brown's Live Shows Are Really Like, According To Reddit

Celebrity chef Alton Brown is a much-respected star who has always been ambitious about his goals. According to Biography, Brown decided to come up with his hit show, "Good Eats," on a whim. "One day, back in the summer of 1992, I decided I wanted to make a television food show," he recalled. "I wasn't going to let the fact that I was little more than a hobbyist cook get in the way." Talk about determination!

Brown has managed to come a long way since then. In fact, he's made live culinary shows popular, a novel concept that has attracted attention for being so different. According to his website, Brown's aim is to entertain his fans in as many ways as possible during the shows. A description on his website offer more information. "Alton Brown is hitting the road with a new culinary variety show," it states. "Audiences can expect more cooking, more comedy, more music and more potentially dangerous science stuff. Prepare for an evening unlike any other."

The reviews are mostly positive

A curious Brown fan asked Redditors to chime in with their thoughts on Brown's live shows, wondering whether they are worth the money. They were also curious about the quality of the show itself. In response, there were several enthusiastic replies on the thread, full of praises for Brown. "It was pretty fun," one user wrote. "Kind of like a comedy show centered around food."

Another commentator mentioned that they would love to give it a go one more time if the show dates work out in their favor. And yet another fan offered more insights when they wrote, "I went to one in 2017 and it was a lot of fun! There was a giant rocket full of popcorn, and an interpretative dance with someone dressed as a bottle of Sriracha." 

On the flip side, some Redditors mentioned that they weren't too happy with Brown's demeanor and thought he was rude to attendees as well as volunteers. "[He was] not funny and honestly pretty mean," a commenter revealed. "I didn't even want to wait to get my book signed afterwards. He was my hero before that." However, another fan had a great time with Brown and said that he was kind and authentic. Whew.