If You Store Non-Fat Powdered Milk Like This It Almost Never Expires

Since milk is an angelic creation that allows us to infinitely indulge the delights of treats such as cheese and chocolate, it's only right that it should be protected with greater ferocity than bank vaults crammed with jewels. Naturally, containers of milk won't stay fresh forever — but there are methods that can be used to nurture the glimmering white droplets for as long as possible.

Non-fat powdered milk is an ideal long-lasting option. In essence, powdered milk is formed by removing the water from natural milk, allowing it to evaporate until the remaining particles are fully dried out (via Nevada Dairy Farmers). Rather predictably, the non-fat version excludes fat. These processes greatly improve the convenience of milk by increasing its longevity, reducing its weight, and making it perfect in crisis situations (via The Spruce Eats).

Keeping fat-free dried milk at its optimum requires careful consideration. Whereas most dry produce would be perfectly content sitting on a shelf for months until it was needed, getting the most out of powdered milk means being a little more thoughtful.

Freezing powdered milk will keep it fresh for longer

According to The Spruce Eats, freezing powdered milk is the most effective way of achieving its ultimate lifespan. In fact, the milk will stay continuously fresh, and it won't even need to warm up to room temperature to be used again — it will be ready for instant action.

Additional handy hints have been explored, including leaving the dried milk in its original, unsealed packaging (if it's not needed immediately) or, if this is not possible, pouring it into sealed containers. Labeling boxes is also key, as is keeping the milk away from light (via The Spruce Eats).

Correct storage of non-fat powdered milk is essential to ensuring its quality, flavor, and nutritional benefits (including vitamins A, C, and D, protein, and large amounts of calcium) can be maintained for a sustained period of time (via LiveStrong). Plus, filling freezers with powdered milk means there's finally an excuse to gorge on popsicles.